Crosstalk: July 27, 2021


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Our nation is going through many serious challenges. Crime and violence are out of control. Cities are devastated and falling apart. There are those fanning the flames of hatred between people of different shades of skin color. Drug abuse and drug overdoses are off the charts. Suicides are skyrocketing. Law enforcement is being tainted as being racist, bigoted, and out of control. Morals have been thrown out the window. The family unit is just a shadow of what it once was and churches today are taking a backseat to the demands of the culture. We are told the solution lies with teaching critical race theory, paying reparations, decriminalizing certain acts or behaviors, and establishing universal basic income standards.

When did all of this start? Why are 80% of black babies born to single moms? Why are black males arrested more than white males? Why are many young black men angry and rebellious towards male authority and police officers? Why is the media fanning the flames of division? What should the church be doing? What is the solution? Is it too late?

Paul Benjamin, Sr., joined the program to address these issues and bring to light the answers to these questions. He authored the book titled “No Child Without a Dad.”

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