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Ozarks Family Reunion 2018
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Crosstalk: August 21, 2017

​​Jim took the entire hour to present listeners with information on these and many more headlines:

--An Islamic terror attack in Barcelona involved a van plowing into a group of people. ISIS has taken responsibility.
--CNN published what they declare to be 917 active hate groups across America according to data from the Southern Poverty Law Center. Liberty Council, the Straight Way of Grace Ministry, Pacific Justice Institute, D. James Kennedy Ministries and other Christian groups are also included.
--New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted out that General's Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson will be removed from the CUNY Hall of Fame for Great Americans because New York stands against racism.
--A female protester openly brags about ripping down the Confederate statue. Hours later she was placed in handcuffs as she was arrested after protesters held a news conference at a North Carolina university.
--The Interior Department will not be removing monuments to Confederate soldiers at national battlefields that are an important part of our national history.
--President Trump refused to back down from critics who criticized him for failing to condemn protests surrounding the removal of Confederate monuments. He doubled down on his belief that the statue should stay and questioned if the progressive movement would next turn on America's founding fathers.
--Al Sharpton has come out against federal funding for maintenance and security for the Jefferson Memorial because Jefferson owned slaves.
--President Trump fired back at Lindsey Graham who claimed that Trump had drawn a moral equivalency between white supremacists and counter protesters.
--Senator Bernie Sanders blamed President Trump for the violence in Charlottesville before back-tracking and replacing the tweet with a softer response.
--CBS is being slammed after posting video of a photojournalist who was assaulted by a so-called peaceful protester.
--Congresswoman Gwen Moore says Donald Trump endorsed white supremacy in America.
--National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) tweeted claims that pro-life organizations have close ties to the white supremacists behind the violence in Charlottesville.
--Planned Parenthood views the events in Charlottesville as the desire of white supremacists to deny abortions to minorities.
--The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is calling on state and local governments all across America to tear down all monuments and memorials commemorating Confederate leaders and the short-lived Confederate States of America.
--The president of the activist LGBT group known as the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) came out against President Trump over his comments after the Charlottesville violence.
--Black Lives Matter activists call for a ban on all Confederate imagery, even those in private possession.
--Baltimore's 4 Confederate monuments taken down under cover of darkness.
--A Chicago pastor proves President Trump is right—calls for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to remove the statue of George Washington and change the name of Washington Park because Washington was a slave owner.
--There's fear of nuclear escalation as U.S. amps up for the start of Monday's massive multi-national military exercises with South Korea.
--Experts say another weapon in Pyongyang's arsenal involves large stockpiles of nerve agents that could be targeted toward U.S. military bases in the region as well as cities such as Seoul and Tokyo.

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