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Crosstalk: August 1, 2017

We know about artificial sweeteners and artificial turf but, what is artificial intelligence? 

Jim's guest Alex Newman shares news of an actual UN global summit (held in June 2017) regarding "super computers" - technology which Newman says is a "massive development" with implications not yet known. Newman says this computer technology is beyond our imaginations and warns "we can't bury our heads in the sand." The seriousness of computers "running everything" or taking "total control" must be considered and should be a matter of prayer for Christians. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) defined by it's propagators is "good global intelligence" leading many to see this as a further push for one world, global government control. While some scoff and even dismiss the story, the UN is actively looking for an Artificial Intelligence adviser to advance it's objectives. Newman discusses how many "big businesses"  have been brought in (including Google, Facebook, Microsoft) with censorship as possible intent. Much more is discussed on this Crosstalk including a definition and breakdown of "sustainable development" and what is also known (and documented) as Agenda 2030. 

Along with your calls, Jim and Alex discuss what steps should be taken to see America's involvement with AI thwarted. Newman recommends that education would surely slow this down and that a total withdraw from the UN would place a "big dent" in this agenda. He also encourages every Christian to be in prayer now for wisdom regarding the times in which we are living in light of bible prophecy becoming fulfilled. 


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