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Clint Clements: October 8, 2018

1.  The testimony of James Baker, former FBI Chief legal counsel, regarding the Trump Russia collusion investigation.  There is critical information coming out about what went on prior to the start of the Trump Russia investigation.  It will further implicate the Deep State in the Trump Russia Scam.
2.  The Kavanaugh brew ha-ha was planned from the get go.  Every element and every person involved in this narrative is either part of the Deep State or Clinton Mafia.  From the accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, to the attorneys Katz and Bromwich, to Diane Finestien, to ex FBI attorney Ms. Monica McLean, to the Soros funded protesters, it was all a set up executed with the help of well placed allies in the FOJ and FBI.  Join us as we break down the role that Ms. Monica McLean played in this scam on America.

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Clint Clements

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 Clint Clements is the Owner of The Forge Tactical, LLC, a full service personal security company specializing in training individuals, businesses, private groups, churches and schools in the specifics of security and preparedness in the event of a natural disaster or other emerging threats. The company exists to educate and train our clients in local, state and national security threats in order to prepare them to survive and prosper amid these active threats. Our training cadre is made of former Navy SEAL’s with extensive combat experience thus ensuring the highest level of training and preparedness. We offer the following training to our clients: 

1. Situational Awareness 

2. Emerging Threat Analysis and Education 

3. Emergency Preparedness 

4. Evacuation Planning 

5. First Aid/Emergency Medical Training – T/CCC 

6. Concealed Carry Mindset Training 

7. Close Quarter Battle/Room Clearing – Speed, Surprise and Violence of Action 

8. Active Shooter Decision Matrix Training 

9. Close Quarter Combat Training 

10. The purpose of Violence of Action 

11. Understanding and responding to an Asocial encounter