Carl Teichrib: December 9, 2013

World government, a single global economic system, a one-world religion, and a global trusteeship to oversee management of the planet's resources and its human population: This is not a conspiracy theory - it's the stated goal of a particular religion, a world faith that has established an administrative presence in Israel as a stepping stone to fulfill it's prophesied "new world order." In broadcast 21 of Forcing Change Radio, we explore this religion and its relationship to the United Nations. We discuss in some detail it's quest and desire for a "new world order," a term created, in large part, by the founder of this religion in 1873. And ever since then, followers of this faith have anticipated and worked for the fulfillment of this goal - a single world government, a world military force, and the unification of the world's religions. During the time of the League of Nations this faith advocated a unified international order. It was there during the heady days of the birth of the United Nations, and has tirelessly networked with World Federalist groups and other organizations seeking the same goal; world unity. But why? What would drive a religion to focus so intently on creating a world political authority? The reason can be found in this popular business saying, "build it and they will come." For you see, this faith group believes that the road to world government opens the gate to the final stage of human history - the coming of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

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