Carl Teichrib: August 13, 2013

Four small words changed the direction of my life; "Carl, we're not Satanists." Uttered during an informal recruitment meeting with two members of the Masonic Lodge, those four words jarred me from my mental slumber - where did that come from? In broadcast 6 of Forcing Change Radio, I expend on my personal story - a take-off from my first program - as a I relate the events of a supper meeting when I was approached to join the Lodge. From this vantage point, I backtrack to when I was 16 years old and stumbled upon Masonic Island, then later return to it as an adult, and finally bump into the Eastern Star - first at home, then at the International Peace Chapel. In presenting this personal history, you'll better understand my "research" starting point; what compelled me to begin studying and researching alternative worldviews, philosophies, and movements. "Carl, we're not Satanists." Note: As broadcast 6 touches on the topic of Freemasonry, I encourage you to download the July 2013 and September 2012 editions of Forcing Changemagazine. Both issues explore the teachings of the Lodge and the worldview influence that emerges from the Craft. Furthermore, as this broadcast expands from my first show, you may find it helpful to review the inaugural program, which is now located in the Forcing Change member area.

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