Brannon Howse: September 28, 2015

Guest: Susan Heck. Topic: Susan Heck explains why Biblical counseling is the answer and not psychologists. Susan reveals that most psychologists will not tell their client that their problem is sin. Susan and Brannon also discuss how many so-called churches have now turned their members over to psychologists instead of opening the Bible with their church members. What are these staff members being paid for if they cannot give Godly counsel to those under their care as well as those that are paying their salaries? Topic: Susan talks about her new fall Bible study for ladies that has just begun and how any lady is welcome to join the study via Topic: Susan talks about Pope Francis and why he is a false prophet. The comments by Brannon and Susan led to a lady calling into the program to chastise Brannon and Susan. Listen how Susan and Brannon respond to the caller with truth but in love. Topic: Susan explains what she believes Jesus would say to many of the religious leaders of today that did not refute the false gospel of Pope Francis. Susan explains the true meaning of being salt and light and how many of the pro-family and evangelical leaders of today want you to believe that salt and light is Christian activism when the light is the gospel that most of them will not proclaim or defend consistently or accurately. Susan explains why she believes this is the case. Topic: We take your calls.

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