Brannon Howse: September 18, 2019

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Guest: Dr. Andy Woods. Topic: Exposing the anti-Israel propaganda & Scripture twisting of Neo-Calvinist John Piper. (Part 3) Topic: Today Brannon quotes directly from an article by John Piper that reveals must about the worldview of Piper but also how he has assisted in infiltrating evangelicalism with the unbiblical teaching of Kingdom Now Theology as well as Replacement Theology. Topic: Brannon reads from Piper’s article in which he declares that the Jews are enemies of God? Are all Jews enemies of God? Why would a pastor write such a thing? Would he say the same of all gentiles? Topic: Brannon reads from Piper’s article in which he declares that the kingdom of God is already here. What proof does Piper have for such an outlandish claim? Why does Jesus tell us in the Lord’s Prayer to pray “They Kingdom Come” if the kingdom is already here? Topic: Piper takes scripture out of context to say God has cancelled his covenant with the Jews. However, the Scripture Piper quotes says no such thing. Topic: Why is this topic so important?

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