Brannon Howse: October 30, 2019

Guest: Dr. Andy Woods. Topic: American Family Association has produced a video with numerous cultural marxist, Gospel Coalition members on the inerrancy and authority of the Bible. But the problem is they picked numerous guys to appear in the documentary that are known for undermining the Bible including guys that are assisting in mainstreaming the LGBTQ agenda into the life of the church as well as declaring a false gospel and social justice. In addition, Dr. Andy Woods explains how some of the men on the documentary are known for undermining the Bible in how they interpret the Bible. In addition many of them are known for spiritually allegorizing the Bible and mocking those that believe in Bible prophecy. Many of them are also known for preaching a hyper-calvinism and works gospel. Topic: You can bet those involved in this project will declare we are involved in presenting half truths. But don’t buy their spin. Today Brannon and Andy give hard facts and documentation that cannot be refuted. The detailed research that Brannon and Andy are known for leaves their critics to attack them personally because they cannot refute the facts of what they present. In 2011, The American Family Association compromised with the New Apostolic Reformation and their modern day false prophets and apostles and now they have compromised with The Gospel Coalition and men promoting cultural marxism. Topic: We take your calls.

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