Brannon Howse: October 29, 2019

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Guest: Dr. Andy Woods. Topic: Kevin DeYoung of the Cultural Marxist Gospel Coalition declares that Jesus in Matthew 25 is declaring that social justice is required of Christians or they will go to hell. This is just one example of how the Satanic, Neo-Calvinist false gospel of many within evangelicalism has become mainstream. Yet, DeYoung and many other false teachers can be found sharing the platform over and over with Bible teachers who many have made the mistake of trusting. Dr. Andy Woods, who unlike many within the religious industrial complex, actually has a real PHD, and is a trained attorney and he joins Brannon to explain the true context of Matthew 25. Topic: Matthew 25 is not about social justice, but about how seriously God takes the defense of the Jews—which is ironic because many of today’s neo-Calvinists worship anti-semite John Calvin, whose Jew-hating remarks could have been repeated by Hitler. In fact, Matthew 25 actually reveals the fruit of a true believer is to bless the Jews. The text of Matthew 25 is additional strong evidence that John Calvin's theology is not consistent with the Bible. Topic: We take your calls.


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