Brannon Howse: October 26, 2016

What is a greater threat to the spiritual well-being of the church– an unsaved politician like Donald Trump or Christian, evangelical, and denominational leaders that promote Russell Moore who promotes bad theology, ecumenicalism,and social justice? Today Brannon exposes troubling evangelicals like Al Mohler that seem to be completely confused as to what is the real threat to the New Testament church. Topic: Hear the audio of Al Mohler speaking before a group of pastors and apparently declaring that Trump supporters are not real evangelicals and perhaps do not even attend a Bible teaching church. Al Mohler goes on to say that the number of evangelicals supporting Trump reveals how small the real church really is. So now there is a political test to be a Christian? What does it tell us about the state of evangelicalism when evangelical leaders like Mohler support men like Russell Moore? Does such support show how small the church is and how few really Biblically solid leaders the church really has?  Al Mohler is the one that gave the inauguration address for Russell Moore to be head of the ERLC of the Southern Baptist Convention. Yet, as you will hear in this program, Moore promotes social justice, amnesty, and immigration policy with twisted Scripture. Moore is involved in ecumenicalism. Moore has reportedly joined the board of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference led by Samuel Rodriguez. Hear the audio of Rodriguez promoting and praising false teacher and false prophet Cindy Jacobs of the New Apostolic Reformation. Hear the audio as Moore says nothing when interviewing Andy Stanley and Stanley says the church needs to take the spotlight off the Bible and put it onto the resurrection. How can Al Mohler not call out Russell Moore whom he endorsed and yet call out Trump voters? Mohler seems to be more concerned about the politicians we elect over the leaders elevated within the church.Topic: We take your calls. 

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