Brannon Howse: October 25, 2019

Hamasianity & Marxianity (Part 2) - How Neo-Calvinists & Neo-Evangelicals Are Distorting Christianity & Furthering the Propaganda of the Red-Green Axis of Hamas & Cultural Marxism within America. (Part 1). In January of 2019, two former CIA officers had dinner in Brannon’s home and explained to him why WVW Broadcast Network must continue to inform and alert conservative Americans and particularly conservative evangelicals. They explained that it was known that the Red-Green axis had declared that evangelical christians were the last obstacle keeping them from bringing down America. Today, Brannon explains how the false gospel and antisemitism of John Calvin is spiritually deluding countless American churches of all denominations including non-calvinist and non-reformed churches that are consuming the spiritual poison of the neo-calvinsts and neo-marxists of the Gospel Coalition. This apostasy is aiding the red-green axis in softening up evangelicals for defeat. Brannon explains how the influence and antisemitism of John Calvin is aiding the propaganda of Hamas within America. In addition the false gospel of John Calvin has opened countless churches up to spiritual deception, spiritual arrogance, a man-centered spirituality and a hostility for Israel and conservative Bible believing dispensationalist that can only be seen as an advantage to the Red-Green Axis. Brannon explains how neo-calvinists & neo-evangelicals are converging with the Red-Green Axis through the following seven ways to promote Marxianity as well as what Brannon has coined as Hamasianity. 


1. Replacement Theology = Antisemitism
2. Liberation Theology  = Marxianity/Social Justice
3. Dominion Theology = Globalist Theocracy

4. Support of Illegal Immigration

5. Interfaith Dialogue = Muslim Brotherhood/Gamaliel Network

6. Promotion of Social & Political Liberalism

7. Anti-zionist Hatred

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