Brannon Howse: November 4, 2019

Guest: Tom Littleton. Meet the New Evangelical Black Lives Matter Movement Embraced by Gospel Coalition Activists. Topic: Two of former President Barack Obama’s political allies launch an organization to apparently turn evangelicals into democrat voters and the organization is loaded with Gospel Coalition writers, members, and supporters. Tom Littleton joins Brannon to talk about what is called the '& Campaign,' and its executive leaders, Justin Giboney and Michael Wear. Michael Wear boasts on his website that he is Barack Obama’s ambassador to believers. The website of the '& Campaign' proclaims that their interest is Biblical values & social justice. Their vision statement is “To improve how Christians engage politics and culture to disrupt America’s sociopolitical arena by asserting the justice and righteousness of Jesus Christ.” Brannon points out that their goal is to disrupt, and indeed, that is what they are doing as they use the language of Christians to promote the agenda of Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ movement and the cultural Marxists. Topic: Hear an audio from the leader of the & campaign, and then listen as Brannon and Tom explain how he is using the tool of group consensus to convince Christians to support the radical agenda of the Equality Act. Topic: The information presented in this broadcast is more proof of that which Brannon and Tom have been warning for many years. Evangelical Christianity is the last line of defense in America. Evangelical Christians have been the margin of victory for several presidents, and now evangelicalism is being hi-jacked by cultural Marxists and globalists posing as evangelicals. Many evangelical organizations have become nothing less than front groups for Marxism. The question is, who is funding these groups and why are most evangelical Christians and leaders not even curious as to how the last line of defense in America is being taken down? Topic: We take your calls.



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