Brannon Howse: November 26, 2019

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Guest: Dr. Andy Woods joins us for another episode of Ask Dr. Woods. Question: Is there a difference between tribulation and divine wrath in the coming seventieth week of Daniel? Question: Will sin in a Christian's life be addressed at the Judgment Seat of Christ? Will sin be brought up AT ALL at the Judgment Seat? Question: In James 5:16, what does it mean to confess you sins to one another? Question: Recently, I came across a teaching that says there is no such thing as a universal church, that the only legitimate churches in history have been local churches, and that anytime the word church is used in the New Testament it is referring to a specific local church. What scriptures would you use to teach that there is a universal church? Question: Recently, I came across a teaching that said that John the Baptist was not an Old Testament prophet or even an intertestamental prophet, but that his followers were the first members of the church. Is this true? Topic: We take your calls

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