Brannon Howse: May 30, 2017

Guest: Leo Hohmann: Author of Stealth Invasion. Topic: Increasingly conservative broadcasters are being censored by the multinational corporations that own the networks on which they broadcast. This censorship has also been going on with so-called Christian radio networks as well. The trend seems to be more and more conservatives are setting up their own networks that take advantage of the new technology so that news and truth is not filtered or censored. Brannon explains how this led to him forming the media division of Worldview Weekend in June of 2006 that is now known as Worldview Radio & WVW-TV. Topic: What does Rupert Murdoch have to do with the immigration crisis? Topic: In the early 1990s Brannon was taking on the Chamber of Commerce in multiple cities as they backed a European, socialist system of having the government choose the career path for students. This process not only was attempting to create a planned economy but also a cheap and dumbed down workforce. Now it appears that the Chamber of Commerce in cities throughout America are working to encourage importing a cheap Muslim workforce for businesses. Brannon and Leo discuss this topic in-depth.

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