Brannon Howse: May 29, 2019

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Chemical Plants as Weapons of Mass Destruction. Topic: For years experts have warned that the thousands of chemical plants in the U.S. are terrorist targets. Yet, according to numerous reports the chemical industry is largely unprepared for or secured against a terrorist attack due to their lobbyists. Topic: One targeted chemical plant in a major city could lead to the deaths of tens of thousands or more. Topic: Did the lead hijacker on 9-11 consider attacking a chemical storage tank in eastern, Tennessee? Topic: Literature on America’s chemical industry was found among the belongs of Osama bin Laden. Topic: Countless American cities have some of the most dangerous chemicals knowns to man roll through their towns on American railroads. Topic: If the politicians are afraid to name and confront the Islamic terrorists in America and their training camps why should we expect them to prevent the same terrorists from attacking chemical plants? Topic: Why simple precautions should every family take as an insurance policy against terrorist attacks?

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