Brannon Howse: March 8, 2017


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Just Released! The Shack Movie Review: Pastor Jim Osman and Justin Peters went to see the Shack Movie and took notes while watching the film. They join us today to reveal the heresy presented in this movie. Jim and Justin give specific examples and then use the Word of God to reveal why their concerns are based on the Word of God and not their opinion. Why are so many people, including evangelicals, praising and promoting this film? Why are self-professed Christians NOT offended by a so-called Christian movie like the Shack with its heresy concerning God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit but ARE offended by the secular Disney movie Beauty and the Beast that has a few seconds of two men dancing with each other? Which movie is doing more harm and why? Why are self-professing Christians so quick to condemn the world while praising and promoting heresy and false teaching within evangelicalism? How is the Shack dividing people? How and where are Christians that express their theological concerns about the Shack movie being attacked and ridiculed? Topic: We take lots of your calls. 

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