Brannon Howse: March 23, 2020


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Today, March 23, 2020 is the anniversary of the famous speech by Patrick Henry in which he declared in 1775, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

And today, I say, ‘Give me liberty or give me the Coronavirus.’ A more modern phrase would be: ‘Better dead than red.’

While the threat of the Coronavirus is real and the harm or death that can come to Americans, (particularly older Americans or those with underlying conditions), a socialist repose will unleash a deadlier virus that can never be quarantined.

The little dictators posing as governors, and mayors who are using this virus as a way to control people and deny them their right to peaceful assembly, or their right to purchase a gun, or their right to keep the doors of their business open, is only a taste of what will come under such little socialist dictators if socialism becomes the answer for all our real or perceived ills in society.

I read a story today where some police departments are looking to use drones to monitor Americans, and then punish them for violating the orders of America’s new dictators sitting in various governor mansions and mayoral offices.

Just think about this, Americans. You have the right in some states to get high on pot, in all states you can kill your unborn child, in 19 states you can kill the baby outside the womb, in many states you can be killed by a doctor through doctor assisted suicide, but you don’t have the freedom to gather in many states as a church or conservative conference or to gather at a wedding. You don’t have the right to open up your business and move about freely, and you apparently don’t have the right to catch the Coronavirus if that’s your choice.

It is very interesting and telling to watch the neo-Marxist governors and mayors exploit this real crisis to an unimaginable degree. All of a sudden, pro-abortion, pro-active euthanasia mayors and governors have become the new pro-life proponents when it comes to the Coronavirus. They claim they are worried about people dying. Since when?

These are the same neo-Marxists who love Obama-care with its rationing of healthcare that would kill untold millions when fully implemented. These little dictators don’t care one bit about lives, but about power and tearing down this countries free market system. I fear President Trump has allowed himself to walk right into a trap set by the medical deep state.

The plan now being proposed by the neo-Marxist democrats is to include the New Green Deal that is nothing short of socialism masquerading as radical environmentalism. The virus is out; the virus of government expansion and Keynesian economics that could collapse our free-market system and destroy our political and religious freedoms that are tied to our economic freedoms. Mr. President, open America’s businesses; Mr. President, tear down this Communist Chinese Coronavirus inspired socialist plan of the globalists and neo-Marxists. What would Reagan do? Plenty of Americans are prepared to take the risks to preserve America’s economy that is tied to America’s freedoms. I say give me liberty or give me the Coronavirus. 



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