Brannon Howse: June 6, 2017

Guest: Costi Hinn & Jackie Alnor. Topic: Jacki Alnor joins us to discuss a breaking news story that even secular news is reporting. The Granddaughter TBN founders Jan and Paul Crouch is awarded $2million after her grandmother did not report the sex assault of her granddaughter by a TBN employee. While Brannon does not often cover such stories he is doing so today because he believes it reinforces what he has been warning people about when it comes to TBN and their leadership. Topic: Costi Hinn joins us to respond to the news that his uncle Benny Hinn is helping to launch a new TV network that wants to put signs and wonders and miracles on display. Costi explains why this network will not bring honor and glory to God and will not put miracles on display. Topic: Brannon plays a portion of an audio clip of Benny Hinn & Pastor Chris as they discuss their new network. Listen as it appears that Benny Hinn is moving toward the New Apostolic Reformation crowd. Could it be that the audience of Hinn is getting old and dying and he now looks to capture the youth of the NAR, Jesus Culture and Bill Johnson? Topic: How should you respond to a family member that embraces a cult, false teaching, and false teachers? 

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