Brannon Howse: June 30, 2017

Guest: Dr. Michael Spaulding & Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Topic: Dr. Spaulding joins us to tell us about his latest article that has gone viral. The article lays out the hypocrisy of many evangelical leaders and their past statements in contrast to their current statements in defense of interfaith dialogues. Topic: Brannon calls on Christians to realize that many of the men that are speaking up about Islam in America are now on the radar of known Jihadis and those who admit being trained by internationally known Jihadis. When will Christians in America realize the risk many are taking to warn and protect the church as well as all Americans? Topic: Whether they know it or not, evangelicals are aiding Jihadis by agreeing with them in defense of the interfaith dialogue between James White and a Jihad Imam. Topic: Jimmy DeYoung joins us live from Israel to discuss these topics: Temple Institute announces that soon they may have 5 red heifers in preparation for building the next Temple in Jerusalem. Northern borders of Israel are at the point of war like they have not been in over 10 years. Iran reveals a count-down clock giving the time left until the destruction of Israel.

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