Brannon Howse: June 29, 2017

Guest: Matthew Vadum. Topic: Mr. Vadum is the author of the new book Team Jihad. Topic: How the talking points of the liberals have now been co-opted by evangelicals on the right to now defend Islam and make haters and racists out of Christians that are actually thinking Biblically. Topic: How Islamic Jihadis are using the liberties of America to destroy us from within and raise money for terrorism. Topic: Topic: What is CAIR really all about and who is it a front group for? Topic: Topic: Topic: Brannon concludes the program by explaining that some pastors and ministers that have been hyper-critical of essential Christian doctrine defending, Word of Faith refuting, charismatics are now affirming and defending James White and his interfaith dialogue with a Jihadi Imam. How can people that are so harsh on charismatic that are committed Christians now be so gracious with a man that is clearly in Biblical error? Are many on the evangelical right now revealing their pragmatism and hypocrisy and double standard? Dr. Mike Spaulding has just released a new article on this topic and Brannon encourages people to read it and find out who some of the pastors are that are behaving in this manner. Topic: We take your calls.

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