Brannon Howse: June 26, 2019

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Guest: Chris Gaubatz & Clare Lopez. Topic: Iran & Saudi Arabia Were Behind 9-11 & Iran Sheltered Bin Laden. Topic: President George W. Bush knew Bin Laden was being sheltered in Iran. Topic: Did President George W. Bush know when he was sending special forces in to danger to supposedly look for Ben Laden that he was actually in Iran? Topic: A major leader of Hezbollah traveled with the 19 hijackers and helped to carry out terrorist attacks including an attack on a Jewish Center. Do Americans understand that that the very organization that helped to carry out terrorist attacks on a Jewish center and the terrorism of 9-11 are the very terror cells now in America laying in wait? Topic: 90% of the information on the true national security state of our nation is all in open sources. Clare Lopez explains how much of the intelligence community does not look at this 90% but only the 10% that is in their classified files and thus they miss the big picture and thus some of the most dangerous threats and groups facing America. Topic: We take your calls.


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