Brannon Howse: June 25, 2019

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Topic: Brannon gives give commentary on the Jared Kushner speech he gave today in Bahrain. Brannon explains why President Trump should send Jared back to New York to run his little magazine. Brannon explains the problem with the plan by Kushner to create a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians. Topic: The cultural marxists like to declare that Christians and capitalists are racists and propagated slavery. Yet today you will learn about the 12 religious men and capitalists that met in a print shop in London to end slavery in 1887. How did their influence lead to laws against the slave trade in America in 1808? Topic: Brannon explains why the Civil War in America was not about slavery since America was already dealing with the slavery issue. Topic: The cultural marxists want you to believe that the U.S. Constitution only counted blacks as three-fifths a person because America’s Founding Fathers were racists. Brannon quotes from black conservative Walter Williams on how the three-fifths clause actually was not about dehumanizing blacks but was a compromise between the north and the south that lead to the final end of slavery. Topic: We take your calls.

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