Brannon Howse: July 30, 2019

Guest: Shahram Hadian: Topic: Once famous homeschool convention speaker, author of “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” and popular neo-Calvinist pastor, Josh Harris, announces he is no longer a Christian, is divorcing his wife, and is apologizing for his stance on same-sex marriage and LGBTQ issues. Topic: Brannon shares why we must pray for Josh and his family. Brannon believes Josh, in many regards, is a victim of a false gospel of the men he has openly admired and worked alongside of such as John Piper, Tim Keller, and CJ Mahaney. Topic: Look up the trainwreck stories of Bill Gothard, Doug Phillips & now Josh Harris. All these men have been loved & followed by many (but not all) extreme Calvinists, reconstructionists & have spoken at homeschool conferences & churches. Brannon explains why legalism, theological cults, neo-calvinism & moralizing ends badly. Topic: Brannon warns that Josh Harris is the tip of the iceberg and in the coming years we will see a flood of national figures exposed as non-Christians. Topic: Brannon warns that if someone had looked at the theology of Josh 10 years ago and declared Josh was likely not even saved, the response would have been to shout down and rip the one giving this warning. Yet, Josh himself has now admitted he is not a Christian. Brannon says that when he and Shahram Hadian and others warn that many of the most well-known evangelical leaders pushing interfaith dialogue, social justice, white privilege, globalism, and a false gospel of neo-Calvinism are potentially not saved, then don’t be so quick to dismiss their claims and evidence, but remember Josh Harris.

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