Brannon Howse: July 23, 2019

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The Truth About Hamas. (Part 5) Topic: The relationship between Hamas and Iran. As tensions with Iran escalate we must remember that a U.S. Congressional committee has reported that Iran has terror cells in the U.S. As we look at the behavior of Hamas and Iran in Israel what does it tell us about the potential threats they pose to America with their terror cells? Topic: Hamas spent years lying about Israel. Islamists, such as Hamas, CAIR, and Muslim Brotherhood think they are following Allah but in fact as our friend Usama Dakdok has proven extensively, Allah is Satan and Jesus is God. Thus should we be shocked Islamists that follow the father of lies would spend so much time lying about God’s chosen people? We should also not be shocked that a growing, false dominate church that defends and engages in interfaith dialogue with Islamists would also lie about the Christians that are opposing Islam. Satan’s currency of choice is lies and so should we be shocked the Islamists and the leaders of a false church are notorious for their lies and attacks on God’s people? Topic: The marxists and Islamists have intimidated people from speaking truth by calling them racists, Islamophobic, bigoted and intolerant. This propaganda and brainwashing has intimidated many people and keeps them from speaking truth about the threats facing America. Whether pastors, police chiefs, sheriffs or elected officials at the local, state or federal level, many of the men that have been charged with keeping our communities and nation safe have surrendered to the enemies within because they fear the attack on their reputations. Brannon talks about the need for leaders, and particularly Christian leaders, to be willing to lay down their reputations and endure the lies and slander of our enemies. Just as brave men have laid down their lives to secure this nation we must be wiling to at least lay down our reputations. Topic: We take your calls.


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