Brannon Howse: July 18, 2017

Guest: Leo Hohmann. Topic: Brannon announces today that a new project of WVW Broadcast is being launched that involves educating Christians about the persecution of their fellow Christians around the world and in particularly those persecuted by Muslims. Topic:  Hear the sad and troubling stats of how many Christians are being killed and churches burned down by Muslims around the world. Topic: Listen as Leo explains how the left has convinced Americans to have fewer children, abort their children, and to have no children by using lies such as over-population. This agenda has led to a steep decline of Americans that embrace ideals upon which the country can be maintained. Now Americans are being outnumbered by Muslims, Neo-Marxists, and immigrants that have a hatred for our national ideals and have no plan for assimilation. Topic: Then Leo and Brannon discuss something live on the air that neither had discussed before going on the air. Both men have come to the conclusion that police departments around the country are hiring Muslim officers that are not qualified but they are being hired only because they are a Muslim. Could it be that the Muslim police officer in Minneapolis that shot and killed the lady in Minneapolis was largely because he was not even qualified to be a police officer?


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