Brannon Howse: February 5, 2020

Topic: Wars, rumors of wars, plagues, pestilence, earthquakes and apostasy now mainstream. Is this our world today? Many believe America is on the verge of World War III as Iran, China and Russia practice military drills together. North Korea is constantly speaking threats toward America. Africa is experiencing a huge outbreak of locust, the numbers of earthquakes for 2020 is shocking, and the Coronavirus appears to be turning into a global threat. Brannon goes to Matthew 24 and reads the words of Jesus as he spoke of these very things. While Jesus was speaking of the Tribulation, Brannon wonders if these global events are not setting the stage for the time Jesus described. Topic: Brannon explains why he believes Nancy Pelosi ripping up the President’s speech on live television was her message to the Communist base of the DNC that a very aggressive and historic lawlessness, ruthlessness, and incivility will be the standard for 2020. Is Pelosi setting the stage for the Communist tactic of pressure from above and pressure from below? Topic: Brannon announces that his friend and radio guest for over 112 one-hour shows, Dr. John Whitcomb, passed away in his sleep last night. Brannon talks about dying grace and why he believes God blessed Dr. Whitcomb with the gift of passing into glory in his sleep. Topic: We take your calls. 

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