Brannon Howse: December 27, 2018

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Topic: Russia moves two supersonic nuclear jets to an island in the Caribbean controlled by Venezuela. Brannon has warned for some time that Venezuela with the presence of Iran and Russia could become a situation as America saw during the Cuban missile crisis and now that appears to becoming more of a reality. Topic: Hear audio of Dr. Peter Pry from our national security conference in which he talks about the Vostok military exercise from the summer of 2018 in which Russia practiced a nuclear attack on America. Topic: Yesterday Russia tested the Poseidon unmanned automated drone submarine. This submarine can travel intercontinental distances and defeat the anti-submarine defenses of the U.S. military. This Russian, unmanned sub can carry a 100-megaton warhead. Listen as Dr. Pry tells us about this sub from our November 2018 national security briefing. Topic: 13 stats have red flag laws and the Democrats are looking to make this a federal law. Learn how the false accusation of a family member or neighbor could cause the government to confiscate your guns. Topic: We take your calls.

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