Brannon Howse: April 23, 2019

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Guest: Dr. Andy Woods. In this episode of Ask Dr. Woods we ask him the following questions that listeners have mailed in to us: Question: Recently a neo-Calvinist tweeted that socialism is a fad. Why are so many of these New Calvinists so clueless and lacking in even basic common sense? Question: Was Noah’s Flood a global or local event. Question: If the Jewish nation had accepted Jesus’ offer of the Kingdom when He walked among them, would Jesus still have had to go to the cross before establishing the kingdom? Question: In what order do the following go into the Lake of Fire: the Beast & False Prophet, the Devil, Death & Hades, and Unbelieving-Goats? Question: Where is the specific location that the Jews will flee to in order to protected from Satan mid-way through the tribulation period (Rev. 12:6)? Question: Who will nourish the Jews in the wilderness (Rev. 12:6)?

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