Brannon Howse: Aired June 10, 2014

Guest: Dr. John Whitcomb. These are the topics on this installment of Ask Dr. John. Question: John 14:2, 3 has been used to support a pre-tribulation rapture. Do you see a pre-tribulation rapture there? Question: In light of John 16:33, why should the church expect to escape the Great Tribulation? Question: Heb 2:14 says the devil has “the power of death” (NKJV), but Rev 1:18 says Christ has “the keys of Hades and of Death.” How do we reconcile these verses? Question: Does the Bible distinguish between tribulation, wrath and judgment? Question: Do you think that Christians in America will ever be persecuted? Question: What should Christians do in response to the growing acceptance of gay marriage? Question: How come we do not hear more expository preaching from the Old Testament? Question: Is it acceptable for a Christian to deprive a loved one of food and water until they die if the person signed a statement asking for “death with dignity”? Question: Will there be animal sacrifices in the millennium and, if so, why – since Christ was our ultimate sacrifice? Question: Is there redemption available for fallen angels? Topic: We take your calls.

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