The Berean Call: December 18, 2017

 Today we’re following up on our discussion of UFOs, and for those who missed last week’s program, here are some of the points we tried to make: we established that all intelligent life forms must be the product of God’s creation, and that conclusion is based upon logic, probability, true science, and the Bible. All physical beings must be confined to the earth because all creation is under the curse of and effect of sin. And salvation is only found through the redemption of Jesus Christ, which took place only once and exclusively on this planet. In other words, the Bible opposes the speculation that there are physical beings visiting this planet from planets across our galaxy or from other galaxies. Given the extraordinary distances and time involved, such travel or communication by extraterrestrial beings is physically impossible. Nevertheless, we believe that some of the UFO phenomenon is genuine. That is, it’s not something that can simply be written off as a delusion. Although the phenomenon is real, to some extent, it’s not what it pretends to be. That is, UFOs give the impression of being physical vehicles of extraterrestrial space travelers, yet all the evidence points to their being nonphysical entities.

Now, Dave, based upon what we’ve said, there seems to be only three possibilities for explaining what’s behind the UFO phenomenon: God, angels, or humanity. So, which is it, and what makes you think so?

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