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Ask Dr. John (Program #5)

Original AIR Date: November 22, 2011

Brannon’s guest is theologian Dr. John Whitcomb for Ask Dr. John. Topic: Is it Biblical or unbiblical to pray to the Holy Spirit? Topic: A former Catholic wants to know why the book of Maccabi is not included in the Protestant Cannon? Topic: What does Matthew 11:12 mean when it talks about the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force? Topic: If God does not give new revelation today how do we explain I Corinthians 14:1? Topic: Is there any influence of the mother/son cult of Nimrod in the Church of Rome? Topic: We believe in the eternal security of the believer but does Hebrews 10:26 contradict the belief in eternal security? Topic: Is it Biblical today for Christians to be seeking to drive out demons? How should Christians Biblically respond to those involved in the occult? Topic: If God does not allow sin in heaven how does Satan have passage there?

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Ask Dr. John

Brannon Howse serves up Bible questions to theologian Dr. John Whitcomb that have been sent in my listeners.