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Ask Dr. John (Program #4)

Original air date: JULY 19, 2011

Ask Dr. John Whitcomb. Brannon Howse interviews 87 year-old Biblical theologian Dr. Whitcomb the following questions: What does the verse “do not touch God’s anointed” mean and how is this verse wrongly used when quoted by people that say we are not to question a famous pastor or teacher? Why is the office of prophet and apostle closed? What is meant by the church age? If God is sovereign and man has a free will is this a contradiction? What is your view of Genesis 6 and do you think that “as it was in the days of Noah” could imply that demons will be possess men and have sexual relations with women to create a Nephilim? What are some common mistakes people make when reading or interpreting the Bible?



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Ask Dr. John

Brannon Howse serves up Bible questions to theologian Dr. John Whitcomb that have been sent in my listeners.