Ken Ham


President of Answers in Genesis
One of the most in-demand Christian conference speakers in the United States.
Each year he gives dozens of faith-building talks to tens of thousands of children and adults (he receives about 500 invitations to speak annually) on such topics as dinosaurs, creation vs. evolution, the reliability of the Bible, the origin of 'races' etc.
Author of many books on Genesis, including the best-selling "The Lie: Evolution" and a number of children's books ("D is for Dinosaur", "A is for Adam", etc). His most recent books are "One Blood--the Biblical Answer to Racism" and "Dinosaurs of Eden", and in 1999, he co-authored the updated and expanded "Answers Book". Ken is also featured in the acclaimed film "The Genesis Solution", which was nominated as 'Best Christian Film - Documentary.'
Ken is heard daily on the radio program "Answers...with Ken Ham" (broadcast on more than 500 outlets worldwide), and is a frequent guest on nationwide US talk show programs.