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Wednesday, July 11th
  WVW Broadcast Network:  Click here to watch an 11 minute video of this statement with audio clips that refute the lies against Brannon Howse   In an...
Friday, July 6th
A Sample Video of the Live, Online Class: Grave Influence: 21 Radicals & Their Worldviews Ruling America From The Grave
Wednesday, July 4th
WVW-TV 4th of July Special: The Truth About The Vietnam War, The Communist Information Operation, & Why it Matters Today (Part 1) Brannon Howse interviews Captain Udell Meyers, U.S. Marine and...
Monday, July 2nd
Featuring: Billy Vaughn Shahram Hadian Andy Woods Jimmy DeYoung Phil Haney Udell Meyers Brannon Howse Chris Pinto Mike Gendron Two 90 Minute Panel Discussions   You can watch the full length...
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Recent Articles

Thursday, May 10th
Author(s): Dr. Peter Pry

On Monday, April 30, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, publicly unveiled 100,000 secret Iranian documents, pilfered by Mossad, proving the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA) is diplomatic cover for Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and should be abandoned. Clare Lopez’s excellent study "Why Trump Must Not Re-Certify Iranian JCPOA Compliance" (Center for Security Policy, August 2017) makes a comprehensive technical-legal case Iran is violating JCPOA. Critics of JCPOA are not surprised by Iran’s cheating on the nuclear deal. Iran is doubly disposed to cheat on JCPOA as a...

Wednesday, May 9th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

Worldview Weekend Foundation P.O. Box 1690 Collierville, TN    Dear WVW Broadcast Network Friends, I’ve been hosting Worldview Weekend rallies since February 1993. That’s 25 years this past February. In all of our time, we’ve never seen anything like what happened to us a few weeks ago in April of 2018. As you remember, in April of 2017, a Muslim man from Saudi Arabia came into our conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Using Facebook Live, he filmed the Quran then panned the crowd. In the video footage you can hear my voice as I am speaking up front in a room...

Wednesday, May 9th
Author(s): Peter Jones

The religious confusion naturally plays out in sexuality. Confusion seems to be the prerequisite for acceptance and success in today’s world. In pagan spirituality, as well as in pagan sexuality, God the Creator, distinct from creation, has been eliminated from consideration in most of our educational institutions. If we construct our own gods, we will also construct our own sexual identities. I have a soft spot for Wellesley College. It was there that I courted my wife and from that school that she and two of our daughters graduated. Wellesley is an all-women’s liberal arts college in Boston...

Wednesday, May 9th
Author(s): Tom DeWeese

It’s in every community in the nation. We hear it talked about in county commission meetings and state legislatures. It’s even used in advertising as a positive practice for food processing and auto sales. It’s used as the model for building materials, power sources and transportation policy. It’s sold as the bold visionary plan for the future. The nation is being transformed under the banner of “Sustainable Development.” We are assured by elected officials that Sustainable Development is simply a tool or a guideline to help direct the carefully-planned growth of our cities and rural areas...

Friday, May 4th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

Refuting The Neo-Marxist, Race-Baiting Propaganda of Neo-Calvinist David Platt (Part 1) See the shocking video clips of David Platt spewing misinformation and praising a book that claims Christians that believe in original sin or a pre-tribulation, dispensationalist eschatology are basically racists.  Click here to watch now: Thank you for supporting our broadcast ministry with a tax deductible contribution at or by sending a check to: Worldview Weekend Foundation P.O. Box 1690 Collierville, TN 38027...

Wednesday, April 25th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

The following is a portion of the transcript from Brannon’s television program The Worldview Weekend Hour. To read the entire transcript and the embedded video clips go to   Brannon Howse: Tonight on the Worldview Weekend Hour, what was the worldview of Martin Luther King, Jr.? Was he truly surrounded by communists? Did he know it? And was he even warned by the president of the United States to separate from these communists before he brought down the entire Civil Rights Movement? What is the biblical answer to racism? Should men like John Piper and Matt Chandler be...

Tuesday, April 24th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

WVW-TV: David Platt, Tim Keller, & The Neo-Calvinists, Neo-Evangelicals Bring Cultural Marxism Into Mainstream Evangelicalism Click here to listen now:  

Thursday, April 19th
Author(s): William Gray

FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON THAT WHOSOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM SHOULD NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE. FOR GOD SENT NOT HIS SON INTO THE WORLD TO CONDEMN THE WORLD, BUT THAT THE WORLD THROUGH HIM MIGHT BE SAVED. (John 3:16-17)   INTRODUCTION Here the Lord Jesus Christ is explaining to the Master Rabbi in Israel, Nicodemus, why He came into the world. He came because God loves His people. Jesus explained to Nicodemus that one must be born again or he cannot see the Kingdom of God! Nicodemus who was admittedly ignorant of both the need to be born again, as...


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