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Featured Articles

Saturday, December 15th
Note: The following is an excerpt from Brannon’s latest best-selling book Marxianity that you can order now at The book is 336 pages with almost 400 footnotes to backup what he is...
Saturday, December 15th
WVW-TV Presents: Gold Star Parents Billy & Karen Vaughn On How The Military Deep State is Betraying Our War Fighters.  Click here to watch now:
Saturday, December 15th
Sunday Night, December 16, 2018, Dr. Andy Woods, Live in Studio at 8pm CT.  Topic: What the Bible says about Syria, Russia, Turkey, & Iran Coming Against Israel, Which Are Now All in Syria, Miles...
Tuesday, December 11th
WVW-TV & Worldview Radio Welcomes The Glazov Gang to WVW Broadcast Network Team  Click here for Click here for TV:   
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Recent Articles

Friday, October 26th
Author(s): James Simpson

We were wondering what the October Surprise would be. This is it. Authorities have made an arrest in Florida regarding the string of mail bombs targeting Democrats that have been discovered over the last few days. The suspect has been identified as Cesar Sayoc, a man with an extensive record, including a bomb threat and a bankruptcy filing, who registered Republican in 2016. Early reports showed a van plastered with pro-Trump political stickers and slogans being towed away by authorities. I guarantee you however, that this was a setup hatched by Democrats to shore up their flagging support as...

Monday, October 22nd
Author(s): Thomas Littleton

ERLC just completed its 2018 “Cross Shaped Family Conference” in Dallas, which was the second of an annual event. This year’s conference was a platform for ERLC President, Russell Moore, to feature his new book “The Storm-Tossed Family,” which was also title of his opening key note address.  Shameless and opportunistic perhaps but, nonetheless, not the real theme of the SBC entity conference. The final keynote was Same-Sex Attracted Gay Christian advocate, Anglican Priest Sam Allberry, who brought the goal of the conference clearly into focus. Allberry spoke on another chapter of Moore’s book...

Thursday, October 18th
Author(s): William Gray

“FINALLY, BRETHREN, WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE TRUE, WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE HONEST, WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE JUST, WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE PURE, WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE LOVELY, WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE OF GOOD REPORT, IF THERE BE ANY VIRTUE AND IF THERE BE ANY PRAISE, THINK ON THESE THINGS.” (Philippians 4:8) In recent days we have seen the spectacle of the United States Senate during the proceedings toward the confirmation of Supreme Court justice nominee, Brett  Kavanaugh. These proceedings, having been broadcast live, have, without interruption, demonstrated the truthfulness of that which is set forth in...

Monday, October 15th
Author(s): Robert Knight

When I was a Los Angeles Times news editor many years ago in Orange County, California, I suggested to my liberal boss that we should have at least one conservative columnist.  She looked at me as if I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. The Times’ Orange County edition’s editorial pages stayed 200-proof liberal. Over on the East Coast, The New York Times and The Washington Post added a couple of actual conservatives, but that was then. The Times now actually tries to pawn off David “Bobos in Paradise” Brooks as a conservative. As for The Post, it has several writers it consider...

Tuesday, October 9th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

Trailer of Sabotage released & within 12 hours Fox News personality plays It & praises The new movie on his national radio broadcasts. Click here to watch the trailer for Sabotage: A Brannon Howse and WVW Broadcast Network DocuMovie. Please tweet, Facebook, e-mail and text the URL of the trailer to all your family and friends. Thank you. This docuMovie will arm you with the truth you need to win the propaganda war being waged against Americans.  Click here to order your 2-DVD set Now:  

Friday, October 5th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

What? John MacArthur to speak at conference with communitarian Rick Warren, who has spoken for Islamic Society of North America & who has prompted interfaith dialogue with Muslims? MacArthur will also speak with self-described mystic, Roma Downey? What???? Look it up. For those who say he will go there and rebuke them...don't hold your breath, as MacArthur did not do that last month in Nashville when he spoke with neo-Marxists David Platt, J.D. Greear, and Tim Keller. When are folks going to realize that John MacArthur has become a "bridger" between the left and...

Thursday, October 4th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

WVW-TV Presents: Exposing The Red-Green Axis of Marxism and Islam with host Brannon Howse and guest Jim Simpson.  Click here to watch now:  

Thursday, October 4th
Author(s): Robert Knight

While watching Republican senators and their hired female lawyer impersonate a nervous bomb squad during Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony last Thursday, I couldn’t help but think about Proverbs 18:17, which counsels patience in such matters. “The first one to plead his cause seems right, until his neighbor comes and examines him.” Sure enough, when Brett Kavanaugh took the witness seat and gave his angry, passionate and thoroughly believable defense against her decades-old charge of teen-aged sexual assault, the tables turned.  You might even say the current Supreme Court nominee matched...


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