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Sunday, August 19th
Join us tonight at 8pm CT for our next LIVE worldview class. Text wvw to 88202 for a reminder and link to watch. Join the 4,000 to 5,000 that watch LIVE each Sunday night. If you miss the class then...
Wednesday, August 15th
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Dr Albert Mohler hands  doctorate diploma in Spring 2017 to Revoice CEO Founder Nate Collins after 14 ½ years under Mohler’s discipleship and teaching New...
Sunday, August 12th
LIVE Worldview class #7 at 8pm CT on August 12th.  Grave Influence: 21 Radicals Ruling America From The Grave.  Topic: The Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism.  Text wvw to 88202 to receive a text...
Tuesday, August 7th
WVW-TV Presents: The Truth About The Vietnam War, The Communist Information Operation, & Why it Matters Today (Part 2) Click here to listen now:
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Recent Articles

Thursday, July 19th
Author(s): Dr. Peter Pry

Democrats endlessly bray about Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 elections threatening democracy. Yet they hypocritically ignore Moscow’s threats against the U.S. by a new generation of nuclear super-weapons. They even oppose President Trump’s modernization of U.S. nuclear and conventional forces to deter Russia! My report "Poseidon: Russia’s New Doomsday Machine" ( describes one of Russia’s new super-weapons that could drown U.S. coastal cities in a radioactive tsunami, destroy U.S. aircraft carriers and submarines, and make an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack — thus...

Wednesday, July 11th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

  WVW Broadcast Network:  Click here to watch an 11 minute video of this statement with audio clips that refute the lies against Brannon Howse   In an effort to set the record straight and to present the indisputable facts, WVW Broadcast Network is issuing the following statement regarding a July 2018 video recently posted by Justin Peters claiming Brannon Howse has purposely spoken untruths about Justin.  Unfortunately, Justin is taking Brannon’s radio description and audio from March 7, 2012 out of context to try and have Brannon say something he...

Sunday, July 8th
Author(s): Thomas Littleton

Much attention has been brought to focus in the last two months on the July 26th Revoice Conference and yet few SBC and PCA leaders have clearly denounced the bold claim of Revoice to “promote LGBT+ Flourishing  in historic Christian tradition “. Dr  Albert Mohler finally commented in The Briefing on Friday June 22nd but was very careful about his choice of  words -asserting the best about Revoice participants ” It’s very important to take the organizers at their word ….  What’s most important at the onset to recognize is that those who’ve organized this conference are identifying as...

Friday, July 6th
Author(s): Dr. Peter Pry

Doomsday has a name. Moscow christens their newest nuclear apocalypse machine “POSEIDON” — after the Greek God of oceans, earthquakes, and tsunamis. POSEIDON will be deployed between 2018 and 2027, according to TASS. The program was secret until 2016. In 2016, Russian state television “accidentally” revealed plans for an unmanned robot submarine, like a huge intelligent torpedo, armed with a massive 100-megaton warhead — the largest nuclear weapon ever deployed by any nation. POSEIDON would explode underwater to radioactively contaminate and inundate with tsunamis U.S. coastal cities and...

Friday, July 6th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

A Sample Video of the Live, Online Class: Grave Influence: 21 Radicals & Their Worldviews Ruling America From The Grave Join us on Sunday night July 15th for the third class in this July and August series. Text wvw to 88202 to receive a text alert reminder and link to watch. You can also follow us at

Wednesday, July 4th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

Happy 4th of July from the WVW Broadcast Network Team. Please take some time to watch this WVW Television, 4th of July Television Special  

Wednesday, July 4th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

WVW-TV 4th of July Special: The Truth About The Vietnam War, The Communist Information Operation, & Why it Matters Today (Part 1) Brannon Howse interviews Captain Udell Meyers, U.S. Marine and Vietnam Veteran. Please take time to watch this with your family and understand how our freedoms are at risk today as we use the Vietnam War as an example of the battle we are still fighting in America today against an information operation that now involves the Marxists and Islamists. Click here to listen now:  

Monday, July 2nd
Author(s): Worldview News Team

Featuring: Billy Vaughn Shahram Hadian Andy Woods Jimmy DeYoung Phil Haney Udell Meyers Brannon Howse Chris Pinto Mike Gendron Two 90 Minute Panel Discussions   You can watch the full length presentations at and then look under the library tab and then DVDs. You can join for: $9.99 a month $99.99 a year $129.00 for two years $199.00 for three years You can join at www.situationroomnet to watch now on demand or  To order on a thumb drive for $75 click here:    ...


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