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Wednesday, March 21st
WVW-TV Presents: Why John Piper, Matt Chandler, The Gospel Coalition, Together For the Gospel and ERLC Should NOT Hold the Worldview of Martin Luther King Jr. up as a Model for The New Testament...
Friday, March 16th
                      Our Biggest Book Sale EVER. We are clearing out our inventory and going to only offer Ebooks from now on. This is your chance to have these books in your hands and in your...
Friday, March 16th
This portion of the transcript is made available as a ministry of Worldview Weekend Foundation. Thank you for supporting our ministry with your tax deductible contribution at or...
Friday, March 16th
This portion of the transcript is made available as a ministry of Worldview Weekend Foundation. Thank you for supporting our ministry with your tax deductible contribution at or...
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Recent Articles

Tuesday, March 6th
Author(s): John Guandolo

100% of Islamic Law (sharia) mandates warfare against non-muslims, and obliges stoning, crucifixion and beheading for certain crimes.  Islam’s prophet – a “beautiful pattern of conduct” for all muslims for all times – himself tortured, killed, took sex slaves, waged war on non-muslims, lied, and commanded war until the earth was under Islamic rule.  Yet, the President’s National Security Advisor, Herbert McMaster tells the public the actions of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State have nothing to do with Islam. Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama all told the American people Islam is not a threat,...

Tuesday, March 6th
Author(s): Gatestone Institute

​ by Judith Bergman March 6, 2018 at 5:00 am Far from being "isolated" events, calls for jihad against all non-Muslims began in the US several decades ago. It would be a mistake to view the hate preached against Jews differently from the hate preached against other non-Muslims. Both are sanctioned by the Quran and the hadiths. It is this hate against anyone "other" -- and that is still taken to heart by many Muslims -- that drives Islamic terrorism against the West. Muslim supremacists are apparently acceptable; white...

Monday, March 5th
Author(s): Robert Knight

According to The Washington Post, which should know, Democrats are moving even farther left in an effort to appeal to more Americans. A new role model for them might be Stockton, California Mayor Michael Tubbs, who is masterminding a plan to give away free money to see what happens. Stockton declared bankruptcy in 2012 and still has a fourth of its residents living below the poverty line, according to Fox News. According to the private foundation pushing the project, foreign-born residents make up 26 percent of Stockton’s population. About 45 percent of households speak a language other than...

Monday, March 5th
Author(s): Dr. Peter Pry

The West never faced a more dangerous “window of vulnerability” to nuclear blackmail — and nuclear attack — than now. An aged and obsolete U.S. nuclear deterrent, designed for a bygone era to fight an enemy who no longer exists, does not even provide credible offensive nuclear options for disarming an increasingly aggressive North Korea. China’s contempt for the geriatric U.S. nuclear deterrent is manifest in supporting mad dog ally North Korea developing nuclear missiles to strike North America, in China’s own greatly expanding offensive nuclear capabilities, and in illegally annexing vital...

Monday, March 5th
Author(s): Dr. Peter Pry

Now Geopolitical Futures, which I am told is a respectable journal, has joined the trend of relying on non-experts to misinform its readers that the threat from nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is "hyped" by the real experts. "The Hype and the Reality of the EMP Threat" (Geopolitical Futures: February 15, 2018) purports to take a "middle view" on EMP, but really bends over backwards to dismiss or minimize the EMP threat, especially from North Korea.  The author is clearly a non-expert on EMP as he makes many mistakes of fact and analysis.  Yet he tries hard to look like an EMP expert by...

Saturday, March 3rd
Author(s): Worldview News Team

You have seen & heard Chris Gaubatz on Sean Hannity several times and now hear him in person. His heroism is the bases of the best-selling book Muslim Mafia. The rallies are free but seating is limited and you must register so we can guarantee you a seat.   Free Des Moines, Iowa National Security Briefing Thursday April 05, 2018   Free La Crosse, Wisconsin National Security Briefing Friday April 06, 2018   Free Green Bay, Wisconsin National Security Briefing Saturday April 07, 2018   Free St. Paul-Minneapolis National Security Briefing Sunday...

Wednesday, February 28th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

  WVW-TV Presents: Neo-Calvinist Matt Chandler & His Village Church Connections to George Soros, Muslim Brotherhood, Christians/Muslims Worship the Same God Lie & Amnesty with host Brannon Howse. Click here to watch now: This free program is brought to you as a ministry of the Worldview Weekend Foundation. To make a tax deductible contribution online please go to  You can also send a check to: Worldview Weekend Foundation P.O. Box 1690 Collierville, TN 38027       

Wednesday, February 28th
Author(s): Udell Meyers

The unrelenting effort of the Feminist Movement is about to reach its long-awaited goal; requiring women to register for the Military “Draft” at the age of 18.  Those spearheading this movement hold, or have held, prominent positions in Government, Academics, Religion, Business, the Military and the Media. A Brief Review of the evolution of this movement: In 1980 President Carter proposed that both men and women should be required to register with the SSS/Draft.   Congress rejected his proposal and gave the following reason for doing so...


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