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Friday, December 13th
Watch the WVW-TV Broadcast in Which Tom Littleton and Brannon Howse Discuss How Marxist Democrats Are Co-Opting Evangelical Voters For Social Justice & Votes Click Here to Watch Now:https://www....
Thursday, December 12th
WVW-TV Presents: Marxist Democrats Co-opting Evangelicals For Social Justice and Votes and Looking to Flip Southern States to the Democrats by Flipping Southern Christians Through the Third Way....
Wednesday, December 11th
New Commentary: Marxism Collapsing America From Within Click here to watch now: Please text, e-mail, and Facebook to your friends. Thank you. 
Monday, December 9th
Holocaust Horizon Ozarks WVW 2019 Trailer You can order all 16 keynote presentations now at you can rent and stream online at www....
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Recent Articles

Sunday, January 29th
Author(s): Robert Meyer

                                              The Alito SchuffleA member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, perhaps Democrat Joseph Biden, declared that the confirmation process is broken. This was said in response to the formality of the week-long interrogation process for Justice-to-be Sam Alito. In a sense, I'm inclined to agree with his assessment. However, I'm more interested in examining why the process is broken, not disputing whether it is, in fact, useless.The real problem is that once upon a time the Senate viewed its advise and consent duties as an obligation to test for superior...

Friday, January 27th

HAMAS VICTORY IS MIDDLE EAST POLITICAL EARTHQUAKEJan   The futile efforts in the Middle East to have Israelis and Palestinians live in security side by side has just been dealt what could be a fatal blow.  This may be good news and I'll expand.  Hamas won a victory over Fatah, the party of Mahmoud Abbas, on January 25.  This may drive a nail into the coffin of the "Road Map to Peace" just as the Oslo Accords hit a dead end.  The "Road Map's" FIRST requirement was to disarm groups like Hamas.  Instead, the Palestinian people revealed much about themselves: They...

Thursday, January 26th
Author(s): Dennis Wright

The Issachar Report1 Chronicles 12:32Dennis A. Wright, DMin.  The New York Times Blasts the President,Or, Why Should Anyone Listen to a Dinosaur? "The President and the Cabinet in Washington are far behind the people," shrieks the New York Times.  "They are like a person just aroused from sleep, and in a state of dreamy half-consciousness." Sounds all too familiar from The Grey Lady whose motto, "All the News that Fit to Print," might more accurately be rendered, "All the Mud that's Easy to Sling!" In her article entitled, "The New York Times vs. America," Michelle Malkin summarized this...

Thursday, January 26th
Author(s): Rick Strange

  It is late January as I'm writing this, and like everyyear at this time, my thoughts are on the prebornchildren, some 47 million and counting, who have neverseen the light of day in this great country of ours.  But I am departing from my usual column about abortionto address an issue even more foundational to themoral fabric of American culture.  That issue is humanorigins, and it finds expression in American publiclife through the debate between the opposingworldviews of evolution and creation. And this debate is an emotionally charged one.  Onecase in point is the recent Kitzmiller v....

Tuesday, January 24th
Author(s): Fred Jackson

                                       Disappearing Dinning Room Table    The headline on a recent story from Britain caught my eye: " Dining Room Table Losing Central Status in Families." It turned out to be great headline for a very disturbing story. The report quoted a survey from the market research firm, Mintel, which found that sales of dining room furniture have dropped eight percent over the last five years. At the same time, sales of other types of furniture have been doing extremely well....home office furniture up 40-percent...bedroom furniture up 37-percent etc.So what's the...

Monday, January 23rd
Author(s): Sean McDowell

Revolution: The Changing Face of Faith in AmericaSean McDowell The following is a summary of Barna's new book and does not imply endorsement of any kind.             A quiet revolution is brewing in America.  Like the information revolution, sexual revolution, feminist revolution, Protestant revolution and others, this revolution will radically reshape American culture.  So, what is this revolution? George Barna puts it this way in his new book Revolution: "The revolution of faith that is swelling within the soul of America is no different in scope.  It will affect you and everyone you know...

Monday, January 23rd
Author(s): Brannon Howse

Will Gold Top $1000/oz.?Why Gold is Still Dirt CheapWill gold really reach $1000/oz. or higher? According to Richard Russell in Barron's Magazine the answer is "YES!" He explains that the Fed's easing of interest rates throughout the 90's created excesses in the supply of money - particularly the supply of money that was poured into housing.He warned, "sooner or later the bubbles will burst, thrusting the U.S. economy into depression." His recommendation? "Hold cash and Gold." He said gold at $400 an ounce was "as cheap as dirt." Since then gold prices have climbed to 17 year highs, above $...

Monday, January 23rd
Author(s): Brannon Howse

Christian Survives Horror of North Korean Prison         A Christian missionary jailed in North Korea has done what many prisoners in the communist state never do – he has emerged alive to tell about his horrific experience.  The testimony of a Korean-Chinese man referred to only as "Lee" to protect his identity recently was obtained by the Voice of the Martyrs.        The missionary says a woman in his Chinese church gave him an ID number to use in traveling to North Korea, saying it belonged to her cousin. When authorities saw the ID number, they immediately arrested Lee, who later...


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