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Thursday, May 21st
Brannon Howse Interviews His Long Time Friend Michael Reagan on The Coronavirus Tyranny  Click here to listen now: WVW Broadcast...
Thursday, May 21st
                                          WVW-TV Presents: Former Jesuit Warns of the Marxist Agenda of the Jesuits to De-Christianize The West Click here to watch now:
Thursday, May 21st
WVW-TV Presents: The Power Elite & Their Useful Idiots in the Media  Click here to watch now: WVW Broadcast Network is a...
Thursday, May 14th
WVW Radio: 2020 Pandemic to Destroy U.S. Dollar & Implement Socialism Click here to lisetn now:    
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Recent Articles

Thursday, June 22nd
Author(s): Larry Pratt

Three Cheers for Canadaby Larry PrattCanada has been suffering from an acute case of Big Brotherism for years.Canadian life has increasingly been suffocated by the hand of government intrusion into every aspect of life.Well, big brother seems to have been sent packing, at least for a while.  Voters last January tossed out the Liberal (socialist) government.The Tory, Conservative party won a plurality, but was forced to organize a minority government as had the Liberals before them.One of the major issues in the campaign was gun control.  For about adecade, the Liberals had attempted to...

Thursday, June 22nd
Author(s): Cassandrah Batya

What's Wrong With Yoga, Especially Christian Yoga?by Cassandrah Batya, June 21, 2006  FAMILY MEMBER: What's wrong with yoga?  It's like you're saying modern medicine is bad. ME:  Modern medicine is a scientific field.  Yoga is a pagan religious practice, which taps into the spiritual realm.  That is why it is called, "alternative" medicine. FAMILY MEMBER: Everyone in the western world practices yoga. ME:  That doesn't change the fact that yoga is an eastern pagan practice. FAMILY MEMBER: But that stuff is real.  I believe in it.  It really works.  So what makes it so bad? ME:  Of course, it...

Thursday, June 22nd
Author(s): Ray Comfort

The Million Dollar Machine - By Ray Comfort After Kirk got some chickens, I was flooded with joy-filled memories of collecting fresh eggs back in New Zealand, before we moved to the States. After some reasoning with my loving wife, we now have five chickens. I love them, and I've even give them their own names: Crispy, Tender, Finger-lickin, Original and Roast. I printed their names out and put them on the wall of their coop to help them to remember why they were part of our happy family. Chickens remind me of myself. Whenever I have someone turn down a tract, the tenderness of my flesh...

Thursday, June 22nd
Author(s): Kirk Cameron

Foul Mouths, Frogs, and Magic - By Kirk Cameron I was walking quickly along a busy Indiana highway in the dark, trying to get back to my hotel (I was scheduled to speak at a church), when I noticed a lot of commotion coming from the parking lot. There was a pond surrounded by large rocks and about a dozen loud, foul mouthed teenagers. Water was flying everywhere and the young men sounded like a pack of hyenas that had just captured their prey. When I asked them what they were doing, they laughed and showed me. I felt sick. I watched as one kid lifted up another rock to find a big fat frog,...

Tuesday, June 20th

There is No Sanctified Divination     There are many voices out there today insisting that yoga can be "sanctified." So the new kid on the block, and a scary one, is "Christian yoga." It's more evidence that the East has seduced the West but why not? With the lack of discernment today, people are flocking to "experiences" and some Christians get excited about having a "closer walk with God" through any gimmick that comes to their neighborhood.I maintain that "Christian yoga" is an oxymoron, yet one Christian who teaches yoga says, "We wanted to open doors to the people who might be afraid of...

Monday, June 19th
Author(s): Kerby Anderson

Globalization and the InternetKerby Anderson  More than one billion people use the Internet and benefit from the vast amount of information that is available to anyone who connects. But any assessment of the Internet will show that it has provided both surprising virtues and unavoidable vices. The Internet has certainly changed our lives. Thomas Friedman in his book, The World is Flat, talks about some of these changes.[1] For example, we used to go to the post office to send mail, now most of us also send digitized mail over the Internet known as e-mail. We used to go to bookstores to browse...

Saturday, June 17th
Author(s): Todd Tomasella

DID JESUS TEACH MEN TO LOVE THEMSELVES? Part 7"For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps…Forasmuch then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind: for he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin; That he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh to the lusts of men, but to the will of God." 1 Peter 2:21; 4:1-2OVERCOMERS"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto...

Friday, June 16th
Author(s): Mark Creech

A Father's Influence Extends to GenerationsBy Rev. Mark H. Creech  Abraham had gone to Egypt because of a famine. His wife Sarah was a stunningly attractive woman and Abraham was deeply concerned someone might attempt to kill him to obtain her. So he instructed Sarah to say she was his sister.It was a half-truth because she actually was Abraham's half-sister. But a half truth is a whole lie, and using such sophistry only leads to a deeper morass. Thinking Sarah was Abraham's sister, she was taken into Pharaoh's house, which brought the curse of God on the potentate and his kingdom until he...