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The Fourth of July 2019 will soon be upon us. Perhaps you, like millions of Americans, will gather for a picnic, go to a ballgame, take in a patriotic concert or watch fireworks in person or on television. For years I have made a tradition of watching the patriotic performances and fireworks that are broadcast live from Washington D.C. In fact, I remember being on the mall in Washington D.C. watching the fireworks in 1976 as America celebrated our 200 years of freedom. I was only seven years old, but I remember the reason for all the weeks of patriotic ceremonies and military pageants and parades that I attended during that June and July of 1976.

I remember standing on the lawn of the U.S. Capital in January of 1981, watching as Ronald Reagan was sworn into office as President of the United States. I clearly remember the radios that people had with them in the crowd that broke the news that America’s hostages had been freed by Iran and left Iranian airspace. A huge roar of celebration when up from the thousands gathered on the mall just minutes after the swearing in of President Ronald Reagan.

I remember the many trips to the Tomb of the Unknown Solider at Arlington National Cemetery that overlooks Washington, D.C. I remember the large crowd of Americans of all ages and from all walks of life and from various religious and political backgrounds that would be united in our reverence and respect as we watched the changing of the guard. Americans did not agree on every issue, but we largely agreed as a population on basic fundamental principles that supported our beloved Constitutional Republic and the liberties and freedoms that flow from the values embodied in our Republic.

All these experiences have given me a distinct perspective of what Americans have valued and how those values are under attack even now as we approach July 4th, 2019.

For the past 90 years, America has been involved in a great struggle, a war of worldviews, a battle of ideas. And yet, now the great majority is at risk of being the targeted and maligned minority.

Through the powerful centers of education, media, and religion, a deadly collection of values have been inculcated into enough generations that now only a fraction of Americans understand and believe in the values that are necessary to maintain the very foundation of our Constitutional Republic.

William Blackstone was one of the leading legal scholars followed by America’s Founding Fathers. When asked what is a Constitutional Republic, he declared that it was based upon the law of the Divine and what the Divine had ruled upon our nation must not rule against.

     At this time, 19 states have ruled in favor of infanticide—the killing of a baby outside the womb. 58% of millennials want to live under some form of communism–whether it is socialism, fascism, or communism. Americans increasingly profess in survey after survey that truth is subject to the individual. Men of integrity, principal, courage and conviction are now ridiculed for having developed ‘toxic masculinity.’ Those that believe in private property and the free market system are accused of being racists who want to maintain white privilege. Christianity is all but banned from the public square and labeled as intolerant and the source of all suffering and oppression. The right to die is now becoming the duty to die, and America is moving closer and closer to universal healthcare that will usher in active euthanasia through the rationing of health care. Progressives are constantly considering legislation that will criminalize as hate speech any promotion of a value system that is contrary to their cultural Marxism and dialectical materialism. For it is in fact dialectical materialism that has been one of the leading strategies for the fundamental transformation of America.

Very few Americans understand what I am about to report to you in this newsletter. If more Americans came to understand dialectical materialism they would understand not only what is happening to America but how to oppose it. In my live, Sunday night broadcast a few weeks ago, I took this very complex topic and broke it down in very basic terms so anyone could come to understand dialectical materialism, and then oppose this dangerous information operation.


Dialectical materialism is characterized by the following:

  • All that exist is the natural or material world
  • The world evolved, man evolved, society evolves, morals evolve
  • Society & morals evolve through continuous conflict of opposing ideas  
    that synthesize through a dialectical process
  • Matter preceded the mind = Darwinian Evolution
  • The mind is the brain & thoughts are a product of the material world
  • There are no absolute truths, as there is constant change
  • Judeo-Christian values will give way to collective & situational values
  • Family will give way to communal living
  • Marriage will give way to communal wives
    Man is a product of his environment that is always changing
  • Man’s material state determines his values & behavior & thus
    creates society
  • The State should own or control the means of production for the
    common good
  • Capitalism will give way to socialism
  • Nationalism will give way to globalism
  • Nation states will give way to world government
  • Evolution and revolution is a never ending process


Let me explain it this way. Think of America as a house that contains the values and principles that maintain America’s foundation, which is a Constitutional Republic. The cultural Marxists know that by changing the values of the house (America), then the occupants of the house (Americans) will want to change the foundation of the house to be in line with their values. By changing the foundation of the house from a Constitutional Republic to a democracy, then the mob can turn their values into law. Thus, the cultural Marxists are constantly attacking the values and culture of America.


Cultural Marxist Herbert Marcuse put it this way:


“One can rightfully speak of a cultural revolution, since the protest is directed toward the whole cultural establishment; including the morality of existing society…there is one thing we can say with complete assurance. The traditional idea of revolution and the traditional strategy of revolution has ended. These ideas are old-fashioned…what we must undertake is a type of diffused and dispersed disintegration of the system.”

By attacking the morality of the existing society in the area of law, science, economics, history, family, social issues, government, education and religion, then the values within the disciplines that maintain the Constitutional Republic, capitalism and a Judeo-Christian worldview are undermined, despised, rejected, and replaced with the values that support the cultural Marxist revolution.


Internal contradictions compromise the foundation and result in a revolution within the house and change the values and conduct of its occupants. Thus creating a new foundation and thus a new house with the process starting all over again. The cultural Marxists believe that a foundation of dialectical materialism enables material conditions that create the morality of society. Thus the ownership of the means of production must be controlled by the state so the material wealth can be redistributed in an equitable manner that creates a just and fair society for the benefit of all.


Because cultural Marxists deny original sin, they believe that crime and evil is a product of the wrong material conditions. They believe if the right material conditions are cultivated through the redistribution of wealth, then stealing and crime would greatly decrease because sin is the result of a lack of material goods and not the sinful heart of man.


Cultural Marxists believe that morals and values are social constructs because they believe that there is not such thing as absolute truth for all people, times, and places.

Cultural Marxists believe that America’s Constitutional Republic and the values that support the maintenance of the Constitutional Republic are a social construct that stems from Christianity for the purpose of controlling and exploiting workers for the benefit of the upper-class.


For example, cultural Marxists believe that America’s Founding Fathers were white, European men, with a Judeo-Christian worldview that exploited the underclass for their own gain as evident through their practice of slavery.


To bring about the revolution the cultural Marxists desire within the house of America, they manufacture fake news, fake history, propaganda, class envy and racial strife in order to manufacture conflict, hostility, anger, and chaos so they might use such conflict to “prove” their thesis that America’s founding Judeo-Christian foundation is the source of all suffering and oppression.


In other words, the change comes from the conflict and the manufactured conflict seeks to turn Americans against the values that maintain the foundation and thus overthrow the foundation and accomplish a revolution with cultural Marxist values, morality, and form of government. By undermining the values of the house (America) over many generations, the cultural Marxists have convinced Americans to destroy the foundation of their own house (nation) without ever firing a shot. In the process, those who have supported Judeo-Christian values, upon which America’s Constitutional Republic was built, become an enemy of the people and must be marginalized, characterized and terrorized. The cultural Marxists then change the laws that legalize and normalize the elimination of the civil rights and liberties of conservatives, Christians, & Jews that support Judeo-Christian values.


Make no mistake about it: a false church is rising that agrees with dialectical materialism, which is why I was compelled to write the book, Marxianity. So, let me contrast, in closing, the true Church with the growing false church that is increasingly assisting in destroying America’s Constitutional Republic by proclaiming and defending the values that allow for the conflict of dialectical materialism.

We have the biblical gospel; they have a social gospel. We believe in individual salvation; they believe in collective salvation. They believe that if we simply all just come together in consensus, solve the world’s problems, transform the world, set the right environment, people will change, good will prevail, and the kingdom of God will be ushered in. This is the goal of their “collective” salvation agenda. We believe in individual salvation because that’s what the Bible teaches.

We believe in the Great Commission; they believe in cultural transformation. We believe in making biblical disciples; they believe in making community activists. We believe in biblical pastors; they believe in community organizers. We believe in biblical unity; they believe in group consensus. We believe that we should be exegeting the Scriptures, teaching it in context – they believe they should be contextualizing the Scriptures, twisting the Scriptures to comply with the culture.

We believe God brings the kingdom; they believe they build their kingdom. But let me tell you, they’re building the kingdom of Antichrist. We believe in biblical theology; they believe in liberation theology. We are persecuted for speaking truth; they persecute those who speak the truth. We are marginalized and vilified for speaking the truth; they marginalize and vilify those speaking the truth.

We believe that Jesus focused on spiritual poverty; they believe Jesus was focusing on material poverty. We believe the Church is to go into the world and preach the gospel; they believe the world is to be brought into the church. We believe righteousness and unrighteousness do not mix; they believe righteousness and unrighteousness brings a third way – the dialectic. We believe that compromise brings calamity; they believe that compromise brings community. We believe the world will end with the judgment of God; they believe the world will evolve into heaven on Earth.

We believe in spiritual warfare; they believe in class warfare. We believe in individual responsibility; they believe in collective responsibility. We believe that the Holy Spirit and the Word changes lives; they believe the right economic and cultural environment changes lives.

This is the false church vs. the true Church, and yet many Christians know something is wrong, but they cannot fully understand what it is. If you understand dialectical materialism, you will understand how the cultural Marxists infiltrated the power centers of education, media, government and religion to carry out their war on the morality of our nation and thus manufacture a revolution through the destruction of the very foundation of our form of government, which is Christianity and capitalism. Unless we keep speaking forth truth and exposing their evil deeds and schemes, the cultural Marxists will accomplish their goal of overthrowing America through their long march through the institutions that made America the land of the free and the home of the brave.

And so, we look around, and we think, “Things are changing; it’s not the same country; it’s not the same church I grew up in; it’s not the same denomination.” Indeed it is not; it’s changing. But the stage is being set; Bible prophecy is being fulfilled, and we have a front-row seat to watch the growing false dominant church. The question is, will you join the group consensus? Will you merge Marxism and Christianity? Will you be a part of the dialectic deception, or will you be a part of that faithful remnant that refuses to compromise? I know the answer is that you will remain faithful till the end and for that I thank God in all my remembrance of you.

My friends, I believe that God has providentially allowed us to assemble a group of broadcasters at WVW Broadcast Network that help encourage, equip, and train Christians and conservatives to understand the times and know how God would have us to respond in this very crucial hour that finds America at a fork in the road. The next few years will determine whether America remains a free nation that respects the rule of law, religious freedom, economic freedom, private property, the Second Amendment and freedom of speech. If these freedoms are eliminated, then we will have a very difficult time broadcasting on radio or television without the real threat of prosecution under hate-crime laws. Please, share with your friends the tactics of the cultural Marxists and how they are using dialectical materialism to create conflict and then blame the chaos on Christians and conservatives. If more Americans come to understand their tactics, we can prevent many from being manipulated by this brainwashing operation. Also, by exposing the tactics of the cultural Marxists, we can preserve for our nation perhaps a few more years of liberty and freedom that can be used to fulfill the work to which God has called and entrusted to each of us individually and collectively through organizations like WVW Foundation and WVW Broadcast Network.

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