WVW Exclusive - The Vigano Warnings, Pt 2: Covid Mass Vax Program Represent 'False Solutions That Have Already Been Planned and Implemented'

Were the horrors of Nazi Germany a dress rehearsal for an even bigger Holocaust to be carried out against humanity 80 years later?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano thinks that may very well be the case.

Vigano is an Italian Catholic archbishop. But not just any archbishop.

He is the former papal nuncio to the United States under Pope Benedict and knows the United States, its politics and culture extremely well from his years of living and working here.

Vigano's life took a drastic turn in 2018 when, under the papacy of an Argentine Jesuit named Jorge Bergoglio, who became Pope Francis, Vigano decided to confront the evil he saw coming out of the Vatican.

He became a whistleblower.

Vigano exposed Bergoglio's "cover up" of crimes committed by sexual predators posing as Catholic prelates, most notably U.S. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who was perhaps the most powerful cardinal in North America and tightly connected to Democrat politicians under the Clinton and Obama-Bush administrations.

As a result, Vigano has been forced to live in hiding since August 2018.

Now he is one of the world's sharpest critics of the global vaccine program being rolled out in response to the Covid pandemic. He sees these experimental mRNA gene therapy injections as part of a massive depopulation effort by global elites, including Francis and the Vatican, Klaus Schwab's Davos-based World Economic Forum, the United Nations and the most powerful governments and corporations in the world.

Brannon Howse did a 90-minute special broadcast Oct. 3 on Vigano's warnings, showing how they line up with amazing clarity with his own warnings over the years, as laid out in his books, Grave Influence in 2009, the Coming Religious Reich in 2015 and Marxianity in 2018.

Vigano believes that what happened in Nazi Germany 80 years ago was of the same spirit that grips the world today, a spirit of death built on the eugenics movement embraced by a cabal of global elites with Masonic undertones.

Howse agrees. He cited the involvement of the Bush and Rockefeller families in financing the Nazis.

"Look up George H.W. Bush's daddy, Prescott Bush," Howse said. "Did he not lose his banking charter for doing business with the Nazis?"

Prescott Bush was a top officer for the New York City-based Union Banking Corp., which was financing Nazi operations before the U.S. got involved in World War II.

"Were the Rockefellers not involved in some of the things going on in the concentration camps there with the medical experiments, very much like the experiments going on today?" Howse said.

In fact, the Rockefellers, Harrimans and Bushes were all tied together by their interests in the eugenics movement.

According to research unearthed by the late author Jim Marrs and published in his 2008 book, The Rise of the Fourth Reich, it was the Harriman family that gave the Prescott Bush family its start. The Harrimans, along with the Rockefellers, provided more than $11 million in funding to create a eugenics research laboratory at Cold Springs Harbor, N.Y., as well as eugenics-studies programs at Harvard, Columbia and Cornell universities.

In 1932, when the International Eugenics Congress met in New York, it was the Hamburg-Amerika shipping line controlled by Harriman associates George Walker and Prescott Bush that brought prominent Germans to the meeting, according to Marrs [page 283, The Rise of the Fourth Reich].

"Were human rights not violated under the guise of 'science'?" Howse asked, making a reference to the Rockefeller, Bush, Walker, Harriman families' involvement in the eugenics movement.

Then came Operation Lockstep, a paper published by the Rockefeller Foundation in May 2010, which laid out the plan for how the governments of the world would use draconian lockdowns, masks and vaccines against a future viral pandemic.

"Archbishop Vigano talks about that and how the Rockefellers laid all this out in 2010," Howse noted. "So the Rockefellers have a connection to what happened with the Nazis and of course today."

The only difference between 1930s Germany and today's global Great Reset is that, back then, it was national socialism on display, while today it is international socialism, he added.

Otherwise, it's the same agenda: The public-private partnerships between big government and big business, the eugenics, a religious theology of world domination, an element of occultism and a radical "green" agenda.

"Much of this was a dress rehearsal for what was coming and that's why I wrote the book, the Coming Religious Reich, as a warning," Howse said.

Vigano said in his recent video interview that he's on a mission to "open people's eyes, showing them the deception we are facing. It is a deception based on false premises artfully crafted and imposed in a dogmatic way, to legitimize false solutions that have already been planned and implemented."

"The pandemic was intended to impose a social control that under normal conditions would have been rejected with disdain by the masses," he continued, "but which, thanks to the media terrorism, and the complicity of doctors, politicians, and law enforcement agencies, could be introduced in many nations and even in many ecclesiastical institutions."

Vigano noted that in Santa Marta, the papal residence, one cannot eat in the cafeteria without showing their digital vaccine passport, called a Green Pass.

"And in many Catholic schools and universities the vaccines are required for all staff and students," Vigano said. "Soon they will ask us for the vaccine passport to enter all public offices, to vote and to go to church."

The same spirit is alive and well in the evangelical Protestant world.

Tim Keller's Gospel Coalition last week recommended that people be asked to show proof of vaccination before being allowed into church worship services.

"I want to be very clear on this point," said Vigano. "Without understanding, really, the dimension of the problem, without recognizing its authors and discerning its aims, we will never be able to get out of it."

Howse compared Vigano's warnings to his own.

It's been said the American people "will only go where we want them to go under a stupendous economic crisis," he noted. "The archbishop talked about the 'terrorist media,' I thought that was interesting.

"He talked about the doctors and the green pass and how you'll need it to travel and work and shop.

"We've talked about all this over the years."

Howse is making his book, Marxianity: The Merging of Marxism and Christianity, available in a newly reprinted version for just $4.99.

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