Worldview Report Transcript For January 27, 2022

We start off tonight with some alarming updates on the teetering U.S. supply chain.

Omicron outbreaks have exacerbated shipping congestion across the globe, with major Chinese and U.S. ports affected. Experts forecast that supply chain bottlenecks will continue into at least the second half of this year, reports the Epoch Times.

With a fresh wave of COVID-19 outbreaks spreading in China, Chinese Communist Party officials have launched mass lockdowns and testing, driven by the central government’s “zero-COVID” policy. Consequentially, major manufacturers have closed their plants, triggering labor shortages and blockages at ports. Economists warn the potential impact of the current pandemic could be alarming as the bottlenecks are likely to get worse, not better.

Bloomberg reports that after the COVID-19 outbreak in the Chinese port city Ningbo, shipping firms ordered their cargo vessels to turn to Shanghai to avoid delays, causing overcrowding in the world’s largest container port.

Freight forwarders said the influx of ships into Shanghai has led to about a one-week postponement in container ships there, which could in turn affect American and European ports that are already backlogged.

In the United States, Los Angeles and Long Beach are the two busiest ports through which about 40 percent of the nation’s shipping containers enter the country.

According to Marine Traffic, an online ship tracking website, there were 198 container ships waiting outside the two ports on Jan. 13, with another 162 about to dock.


Dr. Peter McCullough, the renowned internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and leader in the medical response to the COVID-19 disaster throughout the pandemic, is making an urgent plea for the public to abstain from any additional Covid jabs.

Those who have already received a dose or two of the experimental mRNA shots will dramatically increase the risk of suffering from its debilitating or lethal side effects if they receive a third dose, McCullough told the Gateway Pundit during the Defeat The Mandates rally on Sunday in Washington, D.C.

He stated, quote:

“Vaccines are largely unnecessary and if there was a safe and effective vaccine–if … the only application, in my view, would be our high-risk seniors, those in nursing homes, congregate living centers. Potentially, direct health care workers for our seniors. That’s it,” he said. “In the United States, that’s fewer than 3 million people would ever get a vaccine. I think we’ve seen the end of a broad employment of vaccines. It’s obviously backfired. Vaccination should only be narrow and targeted for the highest risk group."

As of yet, there is no established method or understanding of how to expel the mRNA technology from the body, or detox from vaccine injury, the Texas-based physician contends. He added, quote:

“For the genetic vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca, there is no known detoxification methods. Sadly, the genetic material lasts in the body far longer than what we thought and the spike protein that’s produced is probably in the body for greater than a year and it’s in vital areas, including the brain, the lung, the heart, the bone marrow, the reproductive organs. And it takes a very long time for the body to clear out this dangerous, foreign, protein. The only thing I can advise individuals is, don’t take any more of it. There is going to be a progressive accumulation of spike protein in the human body that cannot get out. It will almost certainly lead to chronic disease.

“Worldwide, the vaccine programs have backfired, meaning those countries that have the highest use of vaccines have the highest mortality rates.”

Not only are Covid vaccines hazardous and deadly,  but hospitals across the United States are dangerously adhering to new Covid protocols that are a death sentence for Covid-infected inpatients, McCullough warns.

He further stated, quote:

"Right now when patients are receiving outpatient care, they come into the hospital — there is the cessation of care.

"The hospitals have clearly locked themselves into protocols and these protocols have now been evaluated. A recent analysis by Christine Burns in Jamba, [India] has shown that the protocols are not trustworthy. That they don’t commit to giving the risks, benefits or treatment. They don’t give expert reviews or updating. And these protocols are effectively not offering patients the quality of care that they should receive. Because they don’t receive high intensity, high quality of care, lives are lost.

"There’s a process called ‘medication reconciliation,’ meaning the outpatient drugs that we use should be continued as an inpatient — and they include Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, the use of monoclonal antibodies, it doesn’t matter if they are just in the ER or just on the other side, in an admission. The use of cortical steroids, Colitsine, aspirin… There should be no barriers between the inpatient and outpatient realm in terms of continuation of care."


A Senate panel Monday fielded allegations that the Defense Department manipulated COVID data to show lower vaccine side-effects in U.S. troops.

The panel discussion, titled “COVID-19: A Second Opinion,” was organized and moderated by Senator Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin, and featured a litany of leading health experts, including prominent scientists like Dr. Robert Malone.

Perhaps more telling was a list of top government officials and Big Pharma representatives who were not in attendance – among them White House chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. All of them ignored the invitation and skipped the hearing.

During the hearing, attorney Thomas Renz, representing three Defense Department officials, said the actual data showed, among other findings, a 300 percent increase in miscarriages, a 300 percent increase in cancer and a whopping 1,000 percent increase in neurological disease in U.S. military.

The attorney said the word “corruption” had come up a lot in the panel discussion and that this whistleblower report was corruption in the highest levels of government. He called for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and the entire Pentagon reporting apparatus to be subjected to a criminal investigation.

Sen. Johnson called on the Defense Department to preserve all documents associated with the vaccinations, as his office continues to conduct a whistleblower investigation.

He said it “appears to be doctoring the data.”


Despite Joe Biden’s vaccine requirement for federal contractors being blocked by a federal judge, Ford Motor Company is still moving forward with requiring the experimental gene-therapy injections for salaried employees after months of pushback.

Those who don't comply will be placed on unpaid leave.

Last December, a federal judge blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors nationwide. And this month, the Supreme Court blocked Biden’s OSHA vax mandate for private businesses with 100 or more employees.

Now, a whistleblower Ford employee who asked to remain anonymous is asking for help in exposing the unconstitutional vaccine mandate imposed by the company.

Here is an excerpt from the employee's email, sent to the Gateway Pundit:


"I work at Ford Motor Company. Salary employees at the company have been required to comply with the OSHA vaccine mandate, federal contractor vaccine mandate, and now that both of those have failed, Ford Motor Company is now moving forward with their own mandate.

"Ford has salary employees who have largely worked from home, which are all required to get the vaccine. They have salary employees that work in person at the plants that are not required to get the vaccine. They have hourly workers that work in person and are not required to get the vaccine. They have union workers who work in person but they are not required to get the vaccine. They have Ford credit salary employees which largely work from home and are not required to get the vaccine.

Attached is the latest email from the company and a Q&A document that Ford published to employees specifying the dates, the personnel that fall under the mandate, and their logic for mandating vaccination for salary employees only."


The whistleblower Ford employee concluded by requesting help in exposing the corrupt Ford Motor Company and its discriminatory policies, stating:

"I am requesting your help to get this story out to the public for support, for the Ford employees that are being forced to get the vaccine or lose their livelihood.

It does not make sense that Ford would mandate vaccines for workers that are remote but not for workers that are in person."



Rock legend Eric Clapton suggests anyone who has taken the Covid-19 experimental jab is a victim of “mass formation hypnosis.”

The Daily Wire reports that last year, the singer, 76, suffered side effects after his AstraZeneca shots and he also released an anti-lockdown single, Stand and Deliver, with Van Morrison in 2020.

In an interview with The Real Music Observer YouTube channel, Clapton said subliminal messaging hidden in advertising is leading people to get the vaccine.

 “Whatever the memo was, it hadn’t reached me. Then I started to realize there was really a memo, and a guy, Mattias Desmet [professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University in Belgium], talked about it. And it’s great. The theory of mass formation hypnosis. And I could see it then. Once I kind of started to look for it, I saw it everywhere,” the singer said.

“Then I remembered seeing little things on YouTube which were like subliminal advertising. It had been going on for a long time: that thing about ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy.’ And I thought, ‘What’s that mean?’ And bit by bit, I put a rough kind of jigsaw puzzle together. And that made me even more resolute,” Clapton said.

Clapton said he chose to speak out in opposition because “my career had almost gone anyway. At the point where I spoke out it had been almost 18 months since I’d been forcibly retired. I joined forces with Van and I got the tip Van was standing up to the measures and I thought, ‘Why is nobody else doing this?’ so I contacted him. He said, ‘I’m just objecting, really. But it seems like we’re not even allowed to do that.'”

Morrison sent Clapton a version of Stand and Deliver, which he’d already recorded.

"I found that nobody wanted to hear that.  I was mystified, I seemed to be the only person that found it exciting or even appropriate," Clapton said. "I’m cut from a cloth where if you tell me I can’t do something, I really want to know why."

The four-and-a-half minute blues song includes some harsh lyrics, such as

“Do you wanna’ be a free man or do you wanna be a slave?”

“Do you wanna’ wear these chains until you’re lying in the grave?”

Other lyrics include: “Magna Carta, Bill of Rights/ The constitution, what’s it worth?/ You know they’re gonna’ grind us down, ah/ Until it really hurts/ Is this a sovereign nation/ Or just a police state?/ You better look out, people/ Before it gets too late.”


Militant pro-abortion rioters attacked a pro-life conference over the weekend, targeting the Texas pro-life group behind the state’s unique abortion ban that has been helping women and saving babies from abortions for almost 150 days.

According to a report by, radical abortion activists attacked the group’s pro-life education conference for students in Austin, where they screamed and shouted and one feminist lit and threw smoke bombs at pro-life students attending the event.

Take a look at the footage captured by LifeNews.


“We spearheaded the biggest Pro-Life law to take effect since Roe v. Wade, the Texas Heartbeat Act. Now, they’re coming for blood,” Texas Right to Life informed LifeNews. “Today, socialist rioters barged into our Boots on the Ground educational conference in Austin. One woman lit smoke bombs on fire and launched them into a crowd of students inside.”

Texas Right to Life says it will now have to ramp up security at future pro-life events to protect participants, at a huge expense.

“Now we must add heightened security to keep our students and activists safe. The cost of protecting our staff and conference goers is not cheap, but we will do whatever it takes. This attack reminds us of the violence that abortion fosters. Devaluing Life in the womb leads to devaluing Life outside the womb,” it told LifeNews.

Texas Right to Life says it will not back down from protecting babies from abortion even in the face of violence.


Canada is going full totalitarian, implementing Covid vaccine passports that prevent people from shopping at most big-box stores unless they can prove they've been vaxxed.

Residents of Quebec trying to get into IKEA, Wal-Mart, Costco, Canadian Tire and other big retail stores now have to show proof of vaccination and government-issued ID at the door, according to the CBC.

The new measure, introduced on Monday, effectively limits people who haven't received two doses of a Covid gene-therapy shot to purchasing only essential goods. And the new policy is already frustrating the retailers who are charged with enforcing the government edict.

Patrick Delisle, head of marketing for the Quebec hardware chain Canac, said there are several reasons he disagrees with the government approach.

"First of all, we would've liked to be treated as an essential service — we've been essential since the beginning of the pandemic," he told the CBC.

The ministerial decree applies to stores with a surface area of 1,500 square meters or more, with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations. Health Minister Christian Dubé says the expanded vaccine mandate is meant to encourage more people to get vaccinated.

Delisle says retail stores are bearing the brunt of the provincial policy.

"We're not going to ask someone who's dealing with water damage [in their home] if they're vaccinated or not," he said. "It's really frustrating to have to manage clients' living situations like that ... it's not our job."

On top of customer-service challenges, businesses say they're being dealt a major financial burden. Canac says it will cost around $100,000 a week to enforce the measure in its 31 stores across Quebec.

For Simon Gagnon, owner of a Sports Experts franchise in Sherbrooke, Quebec's labor shortage was already making it difficult to find staff. Now he faces the "colossal challenge" of hiring security guards and employees to scan vaccine passports and he fears he may lose some of his customers.

Delisle says Canac has dealt with more angry clients in the weeks leading up to the new vaccine mandate than it has throughout the entire pandemic.

"We're just the messenger ... it's not us who decided to do it," he said. "We're getting a lot of messages from people on social media pouring their hearts out — to put it politely."


Samsung has unveiled the world's first fingerprint security microchip to speed up biometric "buying and selling" payment systems that are being rolled out in cities across the world that are implementing digital vaccine passports.

Samsung's chip performs in line with Mastercard's latest security specifications for payment cards, while also conforming to international security standards for "protecting high-value assets against significant risks," according to Samsung. Last year, Samsung announced it was collaborating with Mastercard on a biometric scanning payment card with a built-in fingerprint reader.

Samsung says the technology will "adopt a new security chipset from Samsung's LSI business" rather than using Mastercard's technology. The chip could also allow for "faster and safer interactions when making purchases," according to Samsung.


With things heating up internationally over in the Eastern European nation of Ukraine, and heading to the brink of war, we wanted to leave you tonight with an expert analysis that will help make sense of what's going on. It comes to us from one of the most learned military experts in the world, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry.

In a taped interview, we bring you some of the insights of Dr. Pry, who is a former CIA analyst and private consultant, on exactly what is going on with the U.S.-Russia brinksmanship over the Ukraine.

Have a listen.

PLAY AUDIO [play from 1:28 mark to the 4:53 mark]

Dr. Pry goes on to say that "no American should die in Ukraine," and that "we have no vital American interests in Ukraine." Something to think about as we sign off for the night. We'll see you back here tomorrow. Goodnight from all of us at the Worldview Report with Brannon Howse.


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