Worldview Report Transcript For January 18, 2022

A Wisconsin county judge on Thursday ruled absentee ballot drop boxes used in the 2020 presidential election are unlawful in Wisconsin.

Waukesha County Judge Michael Bohren ordered the Wisconsin Elections Commission to rescind its guidelines on how election officials utilize widespread drop boxes, according to Truth Press. The ruling will likely be appealed.

The original drop box instructions were issued in March of 2020 and were reportedly instrumental in getting out the vote during the coronavirus pandemic.

The judge’s ruling reportedly specified the so-called “bipartisan” commission should not have unilaterally issued the drop box guidance to local election officials without proceeding through the traditional rulemaking process.

“State statutes do not address the use of ballot drop boxes, though the state elections commission issued guidance in early 2020 to allow election clerks to make use of them,” the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

The three conservative justices on the 7-justice Wisconsin Supreme Court wrote in Trump v. Biden in 2020 that tens of thousands of ballots were cast in violation of state election laws, including by the use of these drop boxes.

But by a 4-3 vote, a liberal-led majority of that court held on December 14, 2020, that it was too late for the court to rule on the merits of those legal claims, and the conservatives’ opinion was relegated to a dissent from that decision.

In essence, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that voters were allowed, according to the commission’s rules, to register for an absentee ballot without furnishing an ID and could alternatively claim a rare status of “indefinitely confined” due to the pandemic.

The special status could only be used if the voter was sick or disabled, however. But that did not stop an estimated 250,000 people from voting absentee without a voter ID, claiming the rare status due to “age, physical illness or infirmity or are disabled for an indefinite period.”

According to, the clerk’s office accepted 653,236 in-person ballots. Another 1.3 million were cast absentee. No record was reportedly kept on how many ballots were accepted through drop boxes.

President Biden defeated Donald Trump by 20,682 votes in Wisconsin.


The White House's chief medical advisor, Anthony Fauci, and his wife had $10.4 million in investments at the end of 2020, according to leaked financial disclosures.

That sum — including $2.3 million in unrealized gains — was held mostly in various mutual funds.

Fauci’s 2020 financial disclosure was released publicly Friday night by Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), the same senator who Fauci had called a “moron” in a hot-mic moment last week.

When Marshall inquired into Fauci’s financial disclosures during a Senate proceeding last Tuesday, Fauci vowed he hasn't made any money off of the pandemic.

Yet, his paperwork showed that he and his wife were paid $14,000 to "virtually" attend a series of galas directly related to his position as the nation's de facto COVID czar.


“Dr. Fauci was completely dishonest about his financial disclosures being open to the public,” Marshall said in a statement. “Dr. Fauci must be held accountable to all Americans who have been suing and requesting for this information but don’t have the power of a Senate office to ask for it.”

Fauci’s 2020 filing details the finances of the nation’s highest-paid federal employee, who reportedly made $434,312 in 2020 and is on track for a $350,000 annual pension upon retirement.

In a mix of trust and retirement accounts, he and his wife hold Atlas large-cap mutual funds, Pimco’s investment-grade bond fund, and a tax-exempt municipal debt fund.

Other holdings include the Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Leadership Fund — which invests in companies highly-rated for “advancing women through gender-diverse boards, senior leadership teams and other policies and practices” — and the Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund, which focuses on East Asian nations, in particular China, but excluding Japan.


The Supreme Court struck down on Thursday  the Biden administration’s OSHA vaccine mandate directed at private businesses but allowed the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to mandate the shots on healthcare workers employed by hospitals and clinics that accept Medicare and Medicaid funding.

Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has been on the front lines fighting for medical freedom and recently authored the best-selling book “The Real Anthony Fauci,” has mixed feelings about the court’s decision, and believes that they dodged the central issue.

In an interview with the Epoch Times, Kennedy said the blockage of the OSHA mandate is encouraging to him, but the ruling on the CMS vaccine mandate is a “disappointment.”

“I think the most troubling thing is that the Supreme Court dodged the central matter, which is the Nuremberg issue,” Kennedy told The Epoch Times.

The Nuremberg Code is an international research ethics code that came into being during the trials of the Nazi war criminals after World War II. Its central ideas are voluntary consent and the prohibition of unnecessary, risky, or random experimentation on human beings.

“Can the government’s power force Americans to participate in a medical experiment?” Kennedy asked rhetorically.

“These are EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) vaccines, there’s no question they’re experimental. And can a government force people to take experimental products against their will? That should be the central question that we’re asking ourselves in a constitutional democracy. And it was the central concern during the Nuremberg trials.

“It’s a disappointment that the Court would dodge that.”


The FBI identified the Texas synagogue hostage-taker Sunday as 44-year-old British national by the name of Malik Faisal Akram, who was killed in the standoff.

The hostages, who included Charlie Cytron-Walker, the rabbi at Congregation Beth Israel in Coffeyville, were released safely after a standoff that lasted nearly 12 hours.


Quite amazingly, the FBI agent in charge in Texas said the hostage taking incident at the synagogue was not the work of anti-Semitism, and "we are continuing to work to find a motive."


Robert Spencer, author of the Jihad Watch blog, summed up the sentiments most Americans have with the FBI in the following blog post.

"This is a clear example of how clueless and willfully ignorant the FBI is. The bureau has been so thoroughly politicized that agents find “white supremacism” everywhere, but can’t see Islamic anti-Semitism when it’s right in front of their faces. Yes, this hostage taker was narrowly focused on getting convicted jihad terrorist Aafia Siddiqui freed. However, he went into a synagogue to take hostages. The Colleyville synagogue has nothing to do with Aafia Siddiqui. Nor does any other synagogue. He went into a synagogue rather than anywhere else to take hostages because of the complex of beliefs and attitudes he had about Jews derived from Islamic texts and teachings: that they’re the worst enemies of the Muslims (5:82), plus modern-day conspiracy theories about how they control everything. The FBI, once again, is either lying or stupid, or both."


Another major American city is implementing the QR coded vaccine passport that bans the unjabbed from many public facilities.

Starting Jan. 19, you will need to provide proof of vaccination or negative test taken within 72 hours if you visit any place that serves food and/or drinks in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

"Vaccinated" is defined as the entire vaccination course, meaning both doses of Pfizer and Moderna or one dose of Johnson and Johnson completed.

This despite the fact that these injections have proven totally ineffective against the omicron variant.

According to Fox News 9, St. Paul’s mandate is set to expire after 40 days, unless the mayor extends it. It's "unclear" when the mandate will end in Minneapolis but Mayor Frey said the city will continue to monitor cases and announce updates when needed.

From what we've seen elsewhere, the mandate will only end when the people stop abiding by it.

Minneapolis and St. Paul become the 10th and 11th U.S. cities to adopt the vaccine passport system, effectively locking one-third or more of their populations out of public life. The other cities are San Francisco, LA, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, New Orleans, Chicago, Seattle and Washington, D.C.


Is Covid-19 a tool for 1984?

New data out of Canada makes it appear so.

No less than 33 million Canadian devices were monitored, and 87 percent of Canadians' movements were spied on in 2021, according to a study that looked at the personal data scooped up from mobile devices in the pockets of millions of Canadians.

This is clear indication that the already massive Big Brother surveillance grid has expanded its reach, using Covid as the pretext, much like governments invaded the privacy of people in the wake of 9/11.

Take a look at the video by Press for Truth and a message from Conservative critic John Brassard and keep in mind that the same technology is being used in the United States and other countries.

WATCH VIDEO [Clip the first 3:26 of video]

All of this invasive technology is being implemented in the name of public health, of course. It's for our own good, as Dr. Fauci tells us.




Don't ever underestimate the propensity of a liberal to become a dictator.

The editorial board of a major American newspaper penned an editorial last week advocating for the government to "deploy the National Guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed, well, anywhere."

The Salt Lake City Tribune, Utah's largest newspaper, published the editorial on Saturday, January 15, calling on the Utah governor to use the National Guard to lock people down in their houses.

In an editorial titled, "Utah leaders have surrendered to COVID pandemic, the Editorial Board writes" the paper lays blame on elected officials for failing to mandate the vaccine for all citizens.

The paper criticized Republican Governor Spencer Cox. 

"Were Utah a truly civilized place, the governor’s next move would be to find a way to mandate the kind of mass vaccination campaign we should have launched a year ago, going as far as to deploy the National Guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed, well, anywhere," the editorial board wrote


Is the CIA spying on Americans?

Renowned former Judge Andrew Napolitano says yes. He says the CIA is by law forbidden from operating inside the United States but Napolitano says the agency is ensconced inside the Capitol of every state. In fact, it's more than just the CIA but the deep state agencies like the NSA and others that are working to capture every keystroke on every electronic device you own.

Take a look at the interview I conducted with Judge Napolitano recently and his shocking revelations.

WATCH VIDEO [Clip from 14:19 through 17:56]

The judge went on to describe a government behavior known as "chilling," in which it uses intimidation to get Americans to self-censor.

Take a look.

WATCH VIDEO [Clip 17:57 through 19:22]


Businessman Mike Lindell says bankers want to give him the cold shoulder over his political activities, but vowed he will not make life easy for them.

Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, appeared Friday on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast.

During his appearance, he named two banks he said are trying to shut down his accounts with them, according to Newsweek.

On the podcast, Lindell played what he said was a recording of a man from one of the banks saying that the bank did not want to appear in the news as part of a subpoena of Lindell’s records.

The audio had the individual speaking saying that bank’s concern with Lindell was about “reputation risk.”

Lindell said the banks that are dogging him want him to close out his accounts within the next 30 days, according to Newsweek.

He vowed to resist.

“I said, ‘I am not being part of this. I’m not leaving. So you’re going to have to throw me out of your bank,'” he said, about 21 minutes into the podcast.

“Where does it end everybody? Where does it end when they’re de-banking?” Lindell said.

Lindell said his support for former President Donald Trump, his oft-repeated criticisms of the conduct of the 2020 election, and efforts to use the Capitol incursion as a vehicle for the prosecution of election critics are at the root of his persecution.


A Florida family fighting to give their loved one on a ventilator alternative treatments for COVID-19 have lost another battle—this time in Florida’s First District Court of Appeal.

The Epoch Times reports that the wife and son of Daniel Pisano first squared off against Mayo Clinic Florida at an emergency hearing on Dec. 30 in Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit. Before that, they’d been begging the hospital to allow them to try treating Pisano—who’s been on a ventilator now for 28 days—with the controversial drug ivermectin, along with a mix of other drugs and supplements, part of a protocol recommended by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC).

The family’s request for an emergency injunction to force the Mayo Clinic to allow treatments recommended by an outside doctor was denied by Judge Marianne Aho. They appealed the decision.

On Jan. 14, Aho’s decision was upheld by Florida’s First District Court of Appeal. The three-judge panel deciding the case included Judge Thomas “Bo” Winokur, appointed by then-Gov. Rick Scott in 2015; Judge M. Kemmerly Thomas, appointed in 2016 by Scott; and Judge Robert E. Long, Jr., appointed in 2020, by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“An opinion of this Court explaining its reasoning will follow,” the judges stated in the order they issued. 

“So we wait to see what that looks like, unless it takes too long,” said Jeff Childers, an attorney for the family. 

70-year-old Daniel Pisano doesn’t have unlimited time, says Eduardo Balbona, M.D., an independent doctor in Jacksonville who’s been advising the family since they reached out to him while researching other treatments that could potentially help their loved one.


Finally tonight, we give our fake-conservative of the week award to... Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Many had high hopes for Justice Kavanaugh when in 2018 he survived the brutal attempted takedown of his nomination, but Kavanaugh was a huge disappointment in siding with John Roberts and the three liberal justices in a case last week that will make an experimental Covid vaccine mandatory for nearly all healthcare workers.

According to great legal minds like Andrew Napolitano, Justice Kavanaugh's judicial opinion has no basis in law or sound constitutional reasoning.

By his logic, if you accept any government benefit, you lose all your protections under the Constitution and the government can do whatever it pleases, to the point of injecting you with an unknown, unproven experimental bio-chemical agent. There is no end to the tyranny that can result from such a flawed legal philosophy.

As long as GOP presidents continue to run such a spotty, hit-and-miss record with their judicial appointments, America will never dig out of the hole it finds itself in. Democrat presidents suffer from no such difficulty in finding justices who will deliver the goods for their ideological positions. 100 percent of their judicial nominees tote the liberal line, 100 percent of the time. They bat .1000 while Republican presidents bat .500 at best.

How do you drain the swamp when you can't tell the difference between a true Constitutionalist and a pretender?

Whoever the next GOP president may be, he or she must do better when it comes to screening potential judicial nominees.

With that, we say good night from Worldview Report with Brannon Howse. See you here again tomorrow night, same place, same time.


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