Worldview Report Transcript For February 24, 2022

Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

The woman who was trampled by police on horseback last weekend in Ottawa has been identified.

The woman, identified only by the name “Candy”, was sleeping in her car at night during the protests. She is a native Mohawk elder and grandmother. According to the latest reports she was still in the hospital as of midweek, reports Gateway Pundit.


In some of the most shocking scenes to come out of Ottawa over the weekend was the video of Royal Canadian Mounted Police on horseback trampling an elderly woman using a walker.

Several RCMP officers can be seen ramming their horses into the crowd of protesters as they clear a path for other officers and refused to stop when it was obvious that the protesters didn’t see them coming.

The officers continued to move along as if nothing happened.


Laurence Tribe, a heavyweight liberal law professor at Harvard, suggested in a tweet that Fox News host Tucker Carlson could be guilty of “treason” for giving “aid and comfort” to Russia.

He almost immediately backpedaled and deleted his tweets but not before they were captured in screenshots.

“Led by Fox News Channels’ Tucker Carlson, the GOP’s Trump wing appears to be throwing its weight behind Putin,” Tribe said in a tweet captured and displayed by Zero Hedge.

“If Putin opts to wage war on our ally, Ukraine, such ‘aid and comfort’ to an ‘enemy’ would appear to become ‘treason’ as defined by Article III of the U.S. Constitution,” he added.


Zero Hedge observed that “as soon as he began to receive pushback, Tribe deleted his tweet and scuttled away with his tail between his legs.”

Admitting that he “misled” people, the professor said he “should’ve been more careful” in his language as “we’re not at war with Russia.”

But even if the U.S. were at war with Russia, being critical of Joe Biden’s handling of the issue wouldn’t be an act of treason, as constitutional experts pointed out.


The Zero Hedge article reminds us that Carlson’s adversaries had previously tried to smear him as a Kremlin agent merely for seeking to obtain an interview with Vladimir Putin.

Carlson’s primary concern with Biden is that the president appears to be exploiting the hysteria surrounding Russia to distract from domestic issues.

Carlson said last week:

“Russia is a very comfortable topic for Joe Biden. He enjoys talking about it much more than talking about, say, inflation, or crime, or fentanyl deaths, or about how half the population of Haiti appears to be showing up in Florida in leaky boats. Those topics may interest you since you live in this country, but not Joe Biden.”


Dr. Shiva has released a report on his review of ballot images in Maricopa County from the 2020 Election showing some very specific issues in more than 15,000 ballot images. 

He also notes that Cyber Ninjas withheld these images for months even though it was Dr. Shiva who was given the initiative to perform the review of these images, according to Gateway Pundit. 

Dr. Shiva released a report and video describing recent results in Maricopa County.

He lists the following key points discussed in his 2-hour video:

  • Why was analysis of ballot images not performed as a first step in the Maricopa audit? Millions of taxpayer dollars and time could have been saved, and such effort could have been directed to real issues, such as chain of custody and signature verification to advance election systems integrity.
  • And A.I. ballot image analysis identified 15,546 and 16,437 ballots that did not concur with Dominion A.I.’s pre-adjudicated tabulation and post-adjudicated tabulation, respectively. The audit should have focused on these paper ballots versus reviewing all 2 million ballots.
  • Why are 6,835 Modified Cards missing? Per policy, for every Early Voting Ballot where an Original Card in the presidential race was flagged for adjudication, there should be a Modified Card.
  • When is a vote flagged by the Dominion system for adjudication? Even experienced election officials cannot explain the inconsistencies in how votes were flagged.
  • The legislature, not a private corporation, must define the actual parameters that the A.I. should adhere to in determining a vote, write-in, undervote, overvote, or ambiguous vote.

Dr. Shiva provides analysis and results in this stunning presentation. He provides ample evidence that the 2020 Election results in Maricopa County alone were tainted. Ballots were pushed to adjudication that were never initially logged to do so. Thousands of ballot issues were identified.

He also shares his frustration with the “grifters” involved in the 2020 Election audits. These individuals appear to have been more interested in money and prolonging the analysis of the 2020 results than in determining the outcome and the issues to be addressed.


In results that should be chilling to Americans, a majority of likely Democratic voters support Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s use of emergency powers to crack down on Freedom Convoy protesters last week.

A new poll from Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action and provided to The Daily Wire shows that 55 percent of likely general election voters disapprove of Trudeau’s handling of the protesters. Thirty-five percent approve of Trudeau’s heavy-handed tactics and 10 percent said they were unaware of what was happening north of the U.S. border.

Trafalgar Group surveyed 1,080 likely general election voters from February 18-20 after Trudeau brought federal, provincial, and local law enforcement into Ottawa to forcibly clear out hundreds of protesters and vehicles from Parliament Hill and surrounding areas. The poll’s margin of error is 3 percent.

Democrats overwhelmingly favored Trudeau’s response with 65 percent approval to 17 percent disapproval. Republican responses were weighted even more heavily against Trudeau, however, with 87 percent of likely GOP voters disapproving to just 8 percent approving. Respondents who said they did not belong to either one of the two main parties cut against Trudeau’s crackdown with 74 percent disapproving versus 21 percent approving.


Senator Rand Paul has warned that the emergency powers being wielded by the Trudeau regime in an effort to crush protests in Canada also exist in the U.S. and can be implemented at any time by the government.

Appearing on the BASED Politics podcast, Paul described the statute being used by the Canadian Prime Minister as “very, very dangerous,” noting, “We have the same sort of statutes here, and I have long-time been an opponent of these.”

“We actually have in the United States an Emergency Act that allows the president to shut down the internet,” Paul added.

The Senator further noted that he tried to get Democrats to ally with libertarian-leaning Republicans to restrict emergency power legislation during the Trump administration.

“[Sen.] Mike Lee had some reforms that he put forward on the Emergency Act, and it’s something we should look at, because these things go on and on,” Paul explained.

He added, “There are some emergencies in the U.S. that have been going on for many, many decades. And the president can just renew them every year. There’s no real stopping him.”

“And so, the emergency edict that Trudeau has done in Canada allows him to do some horrendous things, allows him to stop travel, allows him to detain people without trial. Now we don’t know that he’s going to do that, but it is very, very worrisome what he might do,” Paul urged, referring back to Trudeau’s crackdown.

As you can see here, Senator Paul was sounding alarms about what was going on in Canada as early as February 16.


The silence of most Republicans on this issue tells you they will likely not put up a strong fight against similar actions by the Biden administration, should it opt for the same tyrannical crackdowns on freedom.


Meanwhile, an estimated 1,000 big-rig truck drivers are expected on February 23 to descend on Adelanto, California, the official starting point of the cross-country “People’s Convoy” to protest government COVID-19 mandates.

The message the truckers intend to deliver from California to Washington, D.C., is that “government has forgotten its place” and that its mask and vaccination mandates are unconstitutional.

Organizers told the Victorville Daily Press that the convoy will call on lawmakers to lift the declaration of a national emergency concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and to stop depriving U.S. citizens of their "fundamental rights" by enforcing mask and vaccine mandates.

In a video posted on the Newsmax YouTube channel, co-organizer Maureen Steele said the convoy will leave Barstow but shared no specific location in the city due to security concerns.

About 1,000 U.S. truck drivers are expected to begin the drive, with more participating along the nearly 2,600-mile route, including stops in Kingman and Upton, Arizona, and Glenrio, Texas.

Organizers said the stops would be at night, and additional stops may be added.

The group's mission statement says, “Americans love our freedoms and love the Constitution of The United States of America. This convoy aims to bring back our freedoms, our civil liberties, and bring an end to all unconstitutional mandates.”

The mission statement continues by explaining how the People’s Convoy is about rights and freedoms for future generations of Americans.

The organization states that the convoy is not about political parties, “But more so about a government that has forgotten its place and has no regard for our founding fathers' instructions, the Constitution.”


Jordan Peterson, the noted Canadian conservative intellectual, says he has been advised by a source within the Canadian military to pull his money out of Canadian banks or risk having his accounts frozen.

The situation in his country, he said, is “far worse” than he had been informed.

Take a look.



Parents in Southern California are outraged school officials did not notify them that biological males, who identify as non-binary or female, were approved to be girls’ cabin counselors during a three-night school-organized camp.


No crime was committed and no foul-play was reported, but parents are angry school officials withheld information that caused their 5th-grade daughters to feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

Los Alamitos Unified School District (San Bernardino County) and Weaver Elementary School officials coordinated the event. According to a report in the Post Millennial, students were participating in a science camp.


Freedom Convoy leader and organizer Tamara Lich has been denied bail by an Ottawa judge. According to Marieke Walsh of The Globe and Mail and David Akin of Global News, Lich wanted to be released on $5,000.

Lich was denied bail because, in part, Liberal judge Julie Bourgeois believed that there was a risk that she would continue “criminal actions.”

She was arrested February 17 in Ottawa and you can see a picture of that here.


Now, just like the January 6 protesters in the U.S., it appears the Canadian federal government is going to hold these people for long, undefined durations and deny them due process and equal protection under the law.

The corrupt judge who once ran for office as a member of the Liberal Party, berated Lich, who committed no crime other than organizing a peaceful protest. Ottawa’s crime rate dropped to a record low during the time that the truckers were holding their convoy protest in the city, but now they have a judge treating one of the three main organizers like a violent felon.

"There is a substantial risk you will continue these actions and will not abide by an order," the judge told Lich. "Your recent history in our city … satisfies me that your detention is necessary for the safety and protection of the public."

The judge also said that Lich was being "guarded" and that her attitude was "almost to be obstructive."

Lich faces a charge of mischief, meaning she faces up to 10 years in prison.

"The accused is liable, upon conviction, a lengthy term of imprisonment," the judge said.

Lich was also instructed to not communicate with other organizers unless in the presence of a lawyer.


In economic news, inflation is on fire.

First it was gas prices, then heating bills, then meat, eggs and other essential foods.

Now we have reports of soaring rental rates in Joe Biden’s hyper inflationary economy.

Inflation is driving rents skyward across America, delivering an average of a 20 percent increase in the U.S.’s biggest 50 cities over the past 12 months, according to a study reported on by Breitbart News.

At the same time, U.S. Census Bureau statistics show rental vacancy rates during the fourth quarter of 2021 fell to 5.6 percent, the lowest since 1984 in the world’s largest economy.

Some of the most robust rent increases are found in the Miami metro area, where the median rent on a two-bedroom apartment surged to an eyepopping $2,850. That’s up 50 percent over one year ago.

Other cities across Florida — Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville — and the Sun Belt destinations of San Diego, Las Vegas, Austin, Texas, and Memphis, Tennessee, all saw spikes of more than 25 percent during that time period, the Associated Press reports.

Meanwhile, Boston has nearly overtaken San Francisco as the nation’s most expensive rental market with a nearly 27 percent increase in properties with two bedrooms, according to the Zumper study released at the end of last month.


With the stroke of a pen, the government of France deactivated four million Covid vaccine passports after shortening the requirement for a booster dose from six months to four months.

That means 4 million French citizens who had been jabbed twice, woke up to the reality that their government now requires a third shot in order to be considered “fully vaccinated,” and the app on their phone marking them as a citizen in good standing allowed to enter restaurants, pubs, gyms, libraries, concert and sporting venues has now expired. Overnight they became shut out from public life. They had to rush out and get another jab.

Let’s take a look at this report on how the vaccine passport system works in France.


"It's sad, but that's how it is. I don't have the right to do anything anymore, so I am not even trying,” the young woman said.

This is why the truck drivers said no to vaccine passports and started protesting. Once this system is implemented, it does not relent.


Remember Q Anon? He was all the rage during the Trump years.

It appears now that “Q” has been unmasked, reports the New American.

According to two teams of Swiss and French researchers working independently, Q was actually two men — neither of whom had any inside information. That would make Q, who supposedly was a government insider, a complete and utter fraud, which is what The New American, among others, had said all along based on Q’s false predictions.

While the identity of Q had managed to remain anonymous since the first “drop” in October 2017, many speculated as to who Q may be. The speculation ran the full range, with some even imagining that Q was President Trump. But, according to two independent groups of computer scientists who independently used different approaches and machine learning software to analyze Q’s roughly 5,000 drops, Q was two men: Paul Furber, a South African software developer; and Arizona congressional candidate Ron Watkins.

According to those researchers, Furber — who first drew attention to Q — was the first to write under the pseudonym, though Watkins occasionally shared in that role. Then, after Q switched over to Watkins’ father’s 8chan message board, Watkins took over, becoming the only person posting as Q, according to the New American article.

The website concludes:

“According to these researchers, Q is not Trump or anyone associated with the Trump administration. In fact, if they are correct, Q was not (as claimed) a “top military insider” with secret knowledge of the inner workings of Trump’s epic battle against pedophile satanists within the U.S. government. If the researchers are correct, Q was two trolls using the Internet to do what trolls do.”


In our commentary tonight, we take a look at immigration.

We now have January’s numbers for illegal border crossings and they’re not pretty. At a time when the U.S. is edging toward a war footing with Russia and possibly China, we have no idea who these people are who are entering illegally through the U.S.-Mexico border.

From the data the government does release, we know that they are arriving at the border from more than 100 countries, including Russia and China.

January is typically one of the slowest months for illegal migration, but not this January. Border Patrol saw nearly 154,000 encounters with illegals in January. That’s more than double the number of encounters in January 2021 and quadruple the number in 2020.


God help us if we do go to war with Russia. They will find America left its back door wide open to infiltrators from any number of nations allied with Russia or China. This is a ticking time bomb, one for which Biden bears direct responsibility. Like all globalists, he’s more concerned about Ukraine’s border being violated than he is his own country’s. That’s because globalists have no loyalty to their own country. They make decisions based on money and power, not the good of any single nation. They hate nations. Especially their own.

With that we put the wrap on another edition of the Worldview Report with Brannon Howse. Good night, everyone, and thanks for tuning in. Take care.


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