Worldview Report Transcript For February 21, 2022

Good evening and welcome to this edition of the Worldview Report.

A Freedom Convoy trucker  in Ottawa identified only by his first name, Christian, told Breitbart News that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is sowing seeds of hatred between Canadians and changing the country into a communist state.

“I feel so sorry that we got where we got,” Christian told Breitbart in a video interview. “This is not Canada, anymore. This is a communist country.”

He said Trudeau is “dividing people, hating people.”

He added, “It’s a civil war between us lovely people, and that’s what really, really hurts because we are all united.”

Christian noted how Covid injection mandates — ostensibly issued for the purposes of “public health” and “public safety” — imposed by provincial and federal levels of government are destroying people’s livelihoods and denying their rights to earn a living.

Government decrees marketed as measures to address COVID-19, he said, had caused businesses to close, driven individuals into bankruptcy and forced others into losing their jobs.

Christian remarked, “We need to put food on the table. We need everything. We need to survive. We need to keep our jobs, but now we lose everything because of [Trudeau]. [Trudeau] will not let us live, to come back to our jobs, to come back to our families, [or] to live the way we lived before.”

“When I came in this country, I thought it’s beautiful,” Christian reflected. He praised Canada as filled with “unbelievable people.”

He lamented, “And now look at us hating each other. My son cannot see his grandfather, because he’s vaccinated and my son is not vaccinated. He’s not allowed to go to his house. He’s sad.”


Joe Biden, with help from former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, has resettled more than 74,400 Afghans across American communities since mid-August 2021, Breitbart reports.

The latest Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data reveals the extent of Biden’s unlimited Afghan resettlement operation — the largest in American history — since his administration’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

As of this week, more than 74,400 Afghans have been resettled in small towns and cities across 46 states. Today, just 1,200 Afghans remain temporarily living on U.S. military bases, as all others have been placed in communities.

More than 76,000 Afghans, in total, have been brought to the U.S. even as top DHS officials admit that minimal vetting procedures are conducted. This month, an Afghan man was charged with sexually assaulting a woman.


In January, an Afghan man was convicted for sexually molesting a three-year-old girl. Last year, a 19-year-old Afghan man was arrested in Montana in October 2021 after he allegedly raped an 18-year-old woman in a Missoula hotel. Those charges came after two Afghan men in Wisconsin were charged with domestic abuse and child sex crimes.

DHS has touted the involvement of — a non-governmental organization (NGO) created by Clinton, Bush, and Obama with the financial backing of multinational corporations like Facebook, Microsoft, and Walmart to resettle as many Afghans in American communities as possible.

The Chamber of Commerce is also helping to funnel Afghans into American jobs.


Does anybody still listen to Dr. Fauci?

Offering zero science to back up his claims, Fauci told NBC’s Chuck Todd that it’s too “risky” to stop forcing children to wear facemasks.

Several Democrat governors recently lifted their statewide mask mandates, except for schools, and Fauci doesn’t like that.

Children are still being abused by the Covid tyrants.

“It’s understandable why people want to take masks off the kids. But, right now, given the level of activity that we have, it is risky,” Fauci said.

Chuck Todd sat there, mum, like the good little deep-state owned lapdog that he is, shaking his head in agreement with Fauci.


As Gateway Pundit concludes, this is the Democrat Party of child abusers sitting there like three peas in a pod.


A lawsuit filed against the Michigan Secretary of State claims she illegally accepted private money to swing the 2020 presidential election in favor of Joe Biden, according to a report in Human Events.

The Thomas More Society filed the lawsuit in the Michigan Court of Claims, alleging Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson violated election law by spending private election funds on partisan purposes that denied Michigan voters’ constitutional equal access voting rights, Just the News reports

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan donated a whopping $400 million nationwide to the 2020 election through their Chicago-based nonprofit: the Center for Technology and Civic Life. 

The 166-page filing claims that nearly half of the nonprofits’ funds circulated to predominantly Democratic areas where Biden won. 

The lawsuit cites an America Public Media report that discovered some cities spent little of the money on personal protective equipment. 

Thomas More Society Special Counsel Thor Hearne argued that Benson spent Center for Technology and Civic Life funds to boost Democrat-dominated areas in the 2020 election through increased mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

Hearn said in a statement:

“The Michigan Constitution guarantees every eligible citizen the right of equal protection when it comes to voting, and that means state officials may not put in place an election scheme that enhances the weight of votes cast by one class of voters or increases one favored class of voters’ access to the ballot. That’s just what happened here. Analysis of data that the Center for Tech and Civic Life provided to the Internal Revenue Service and other public records demonstrates that this scheme was designed to favor urban areas in Michigan and to disadvantage Michigan voters in rural and suburban more politically conservative areas.”


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are sending the names of Freedom Convoy protesters to banks so they can freeze the protesters’ accounts.

This is the first step in a promised financial crackdown on demonstrators being instituted by the government of Justin Trudeau.

Bloomberg reports the Canadian Bankers Association confirmed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has alerted banks to a list of names.

Breitbart reports that the banks are reportedly still seeking clarity from law enforcement on how to handle the alleged protesters’ accounts, according to people familiar with the matter. But Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said some accounts have already been frozen, the news outlet reported.

Under the Emergencies Act invoked by this week by Trudeau, law enforcement officials have the ability to arrest people for obstruction of roadways and disruptive behavior within a so-called no-go zone or exclusion zone. They also have the power under this never-before invoked law to seize vehicles, revoke drivers’ licenses and freeze bank accounts.


Has Justin Trudeau inadvertently started a bank run in Canada?

Just three days after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he would invoke emergency orders to crack down on demonstrators by freezing their bank accounts, five major Canadian banks went offline on Wednesday night, as customers reported their funds were unavailable, according to technology website Bleeping Computer

According to Zero Hedge, the five banks – Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), BMO (Bank of Montreal), Scotiabank, TD Bank Canada, and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) – were all hit with unexplainable outages on Wednesday evening. Users began reporting issues with banks around 4-5 p.m. Eastern Time, Downdector data showed. 

Canadian Twitter users reported they couldn't access their funds at the ATMs. One user took a photo of an error message at one of RBC's ATMs that read, "Tap transactions aren't available for this card." 

In response, RBC tweeted, "We are currently experiencing technical issues with our online and mobile banking, as well as our phone systems." 

"Our experts are investigating and working to get this fixed as quickly as possible, but we have no ETA to provide at this time. We appreciate your patience."

BMO customers also reported issues. One customer said, "I'm having trouble and money transfer just auto gets rejected for no reason. Not going over my limit, all info is verified correct and receiving bank says no issues on their end." 


There were countless stories of banking customers who experienced trouble accessing their funds. No bank explained the source of the outage, but it’s important to note the outages come just days after Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act and claimed total control over Canadians’ bank accounts, including the power to freeze them if they do anything to help the truckers.

As Zero Hedge notes, trust in the banking system among depositors is crucial to prevent bank runs and maintain the system. Freezing accounts of people linked to the protests does not exactly engender trust.

Meanwhile, the truckers are calling on people worldwide to pull their money out of the banks.

Take a look.

WATCH VIDEO (clip the first 37 seconds of video, right before he cuts loose with a cuss word)

<iframe width="640" height="360" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border: none;" src=""></iframe>


Cryptocurrencies are likely to plunge even further as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates and brings an era of "crazy" speculation to an end, according to a senior JP Morgan strategist speaking with Business Insider.

"At some stage, I expect to see massive losses in crypto, because there is nothing there," David Kelly, chief global strategist at JP Morgan Asset Management, told Insider.

Cryptocurrencies have already dropped sharply, with bitcoin tumbling from a high of above $68,000 in November to around $44,000 on Wednesday. The market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has slumped from above $3 trillion in November to less than $2 trillion today.

Investors have pivoted away from riskier investments, given the Fed prepares to hike interest rates numerous times in 2022 in an effort to tame inflation.

But Kelly said the rout isn't done yet, and he argues that digital assets are in particular danger because they serve no purpose. "It's still all fairy dust and very vulnerable to higher interest rates," he said.

The Fed's pandemic-era stimulus forced bond yields down to ultra-low levels, which prompted investors to turn to highly speculative investments such as cryptocurrencies and unprofitable tech stocks, according to the veteran strategist.

"If you push real interest rates up to a positive level, you will starve the crazy ideas of cash and funnel money towards projects that actually have a positive, real economic return," he said.


A federal judge in Georgia issued a preliminary injunction for an Air Force Reserve officer who was denied a religious exemption from the military’s COVID vaccine mandate, calling the military’s process for granting religious exemption “illusory and insincere.”

U.S. District Court Judge Tillman E. Self III on Tuesday temporarily blocked the U.S. Air Force from punishing an officer who objected to receiving a COVID vaccine for religious reasons but was denied an exemption from the military’s vaccine mandate.

The judge issued a preliminary injunction for the unnamed Air Force Reserve officer and called the service’s process for granting a religious exemption to the mandate “illusory and insincere.”

Children’s Health Defense reports that the judge ordered the Air Force to refrain from taking “any adverse action” against the officer on the basis of “this lawsuit or her request for religious accommodation, specifically including forcing her to retire.”

“Given ‘the nation’s essential commitment to religious freedom,’ plaintiff’s harm — a constitutional injury involving her right to freely exercise her religion — is not a mere trivial grievance,” Self wrote in his ruling.

The judge said the Air Force likely violated the officer’s First Amendment rights when it denied her request for a religious exemption and the subsequent appeal she filed in December.

The Judge wrote:

“All Americans, especially the Court, want our country to maintain a military force that is powerful enough to thoroughly destroy any enemy who dares to challenge it. However, we also want a military force strong enough to respect and protect its service members’ constitutional and statutory religious rights. This ruling ensures our armed services continue to accomplish both.”

As of Feb. 8, the Air Force had approved vaccine exemptions for 3,313 airmen, but they were granted for medical or nonreligious administrative reasons.

When the unnamed officer, stationed at Robins Air Force Base, filed her lawsuit on Jan. 6, the Air Force had not granted any religious accommodations.

Since then, the Air Force granted nine religious exemptions, denied 3,665 requests and is still considering 3,288 requests.

As of Feb. 7, the Air Force had administratively separated 142 active-duty airmen from the service for refusing the vaccine, the branch said in its COVID update last week.


Texas has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration over their federal mask mandates for airports and airplanes.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne, Republican of Texas, argued Joe Biden and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do not have the authority to impose mandates that are “a restriction on travelers’ liberty interests.”

The complaint states:

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s CDC mandate was unlawfully issued. It was not authorized by Congress, and the CDC did not put the mandate up for notice and comment.”

Paxton issued a statement as follows:

“Biden’s repeated disregard of the individual liberties of Texans is not only disrespectful to the U.S. Constitution, it is also troublesome that any president thinks they can act above the law while hardworking Americans stand by.”

“Now is the time to strike down his administration’s air-travel mask mandate,” he added.

In January 2021, the Biden administration first introduced the mandates requiring travelers to wear a mask at all times while using public transportation, such as airplanes, subways, busses, and boats, regardless of vaccination status.


We conclude our broadcast tonight with a commentary that illustrates the lunacy of the leftist mainstream media.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell deliberately fed a reporter for the Daily Beast an outrageously and obviously false statement, just to see if the dishonest reporter would print it. Of course, he bought it, hook line and sinker.

Lindell has been trying to get free pillows to the truckers participating in Canada’s Freedom Convoy, but his shipments have been stopped at the border by Trudeau’s authoritarian government. The Daily Beast reached out to Lindell for comment.

Knowing that their reporting would be the standard far-left propaganda, Lindell decided to give them a comment. It was a comment that Uncanceled News described as “so over-the-top outrageous that it was clearly satire, but they printed it anyway.”

Here’s how the Daily Beast reported the fake news:

“After his initial Tuesday shipment of MyPillow products was denied entry into Canada, Mike Lindell now has a backup plan to get free pillows to Canadian truckers: drop them from the sky via a helicopter. The pillow maven told The Daily Beast late Wednesday night that he intends to drop his pillows into Canada from a helicopter ‘with little parachutes’ attached. ‘We need to get the MyPillows to the people!’ he continued. The 2020 election dead-ender further made it a point to ensure The Daily Beast noted in this report that the pillows will have ‘little parachutes,’ adding, ‘make sure you put that part in, or it could be dangerous.’ Asked where exactly he intended to drop the pillows, he said, ‘I cannot give the location out, and it is no joke! I just confirmed with them [the helicopter company], and yes, this is the plan. We have the helicopter confirmed, but we are moving the time up to 11 am.’ The Daily Beast could not reach the Canada Border Services Agency for comment late Wednesday night.”

The saddest part isn’t that the so-called news reporter fell for a prank. It’s that many of the publication’s progressive readers will also believe it. If the Daily Beast said it, then it must be true, right?

As Uncanceled News points out, the progressive socialists WANT to believe that Lindell would attach little parachutes to his pillows to get them to the truckers.

“Common sense goes out the door when leftists get ahold of a nugget they can rail against regardless of how clearly satirical it was,” the news site observed, adding. “The more outrageous the statement, the more likely it is that the left will believe it, especially about conservatives. That’s how The Big Lie works, especially on the gullible.”

That puts a wrap on our newscast for tonight. Please join us again next time as we give you the news straight, unfiltered, and hard wired. Good night from everyone at the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.


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