Worldview Report Transcript For February 16, 2022

Good evening. The premiere of Ontario, Canada, Doug Ford, has announced an end to vaccine passports, effective March 1, but in the same breath he threatened “serious consequences” for truck drivers who have been pushing him to drop the mandates.

Ford said the province’s mask mandates will stay in place.

You can listen to him lie his way out of the tight spot in which he finds himself during a weekend press conference, where he makes it sound like he was moving toward lifting the mandates before the truckers started their protest. Yeah, right.

Take a listen.

WATCH VIDEO (clip the first 1:39 of his lies)

This is exactly how some predicted the Canadian government would try to wiggle out of the pickle that it finds itself in. End the mandates but try to save face by implying that the decision had nothing to do with those awful unwashed truckers. They’re just “following the science” that dictated the change in policy, not giving in to the demands of the truckers or their huge numbers of supporters.

Good luck with that message, Premiere Ford. Canadians know better.


Our next story fits into the category of the bizarre.

It’s started to make the rounds some on the Internet under the title, “Woke Activist Says Eating Hamburgers Is Sexist” but there’s a good chance you might not have seen it yet.

This is a clip from the speech of Carol Adams, who argued for the complete elimination of meat as a food for human consumption in a debate before the Oxford Union Society. She says eating hamburgers is a sign that you are sexist and a white supremacist.

Let’s have a listen to just a small snippet of that speech.


Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it. But Adams’ is actually arguing the position of very powerful global interests. The World Economic Forum and its founder, Klaus Schwab, along with his friend Bill Gates and many other powerful billionaires are all saying that in order to “save the planet,” we need to eat less meat.

That’s no doubt why Gates has made himself the biggest buyer of American farmland and why China is also among the top buyers of US farmland. They hope that by taking more ranchers out of business they can drastically cut the supply of beef, pork and chicken coming to market and create a market for lab-grown artificial meat.

And who is the biggest investor in lab-grown meat is in the world? You guessed it. Bill Gates.

Anything on which the globalists want to declare war on, they simply label as racist, sexist or homophobic.

They have said the same thing about the word “freedom.”

Because the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy has breathed new life into the international freedom movement and is exposing the tyrants, those who finance and provide propaganda cover for the tyrants are now saying that “racists” and “extremists” like to use the word freedom and to beware of hitching your train to them.

Canada’s state-funded media, the CBC, actually came out with an article trying to convince its readers that to advocate for freedom makes you suspect of being a “far right” extremist and racist.


You truly couldn’t make this up, folks.


Well, here’s another stunner.

Triple jabbed Prince Charles has given Covid to his triple-jabbed wife.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has tested positive for COVID-19 four days after her husband Prince Charles was confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus, the couple’s office said Monday.

The Associated Press reports that Clarence House said Camilla was self-isolating. Charles has been isolating since he tested positive on Thursday, but Camilla had continued with public engagements while taking daily tests.

Both Charles, 73, and 74-year-old Camilla are triple-vaccinated.

Charles, who is heir to the British throne, previously contracted the coronavirus in March 2020, during the first wave of the pandemic.

Charles is believed to have met with his mother Queen Elizabeth II early last week when both were at Windsor Castle. Buckingham Palace hasn't said whether the 95-year-old queen has tested positive, though it said last week she wasn't displaying symptoms.


The price of gasoline has risen across the United States again as experts warn that more pain could lie ahead at the pumps for Americans.

The average price of a gallon of regular-grade gasoline currently stands at $3.488, an increase of more than 30 percent since the same time last year, when it was $2.505 a gallon, according to data from the American Automobile Association (AAA).

In the last week, the price of regular-grade gasoline has soared nearly 1.4 percent, from $3.441.

The Epoch Times reports that according to the latest data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), total domestic gasoline stocks decreased by 1.6 million barrels to 248.4 million last week.

Meanwhile, demand for gasoline increased from 8.23 million barrels per day to 9.13 million barrels per day, resulting in a disparity between demand and supply.

The rising cost of crude oil, driven by loosening COVID-19 pandemic-related restrictions and economies rebounding from the recession, is also putting continued pressure on prices.

And Americans are set to pay even more at the pumps in the future, AAA warned on Feb.10.

“Pump prices will likely continue to follow suit as demand grows and stocks decrease if crude prices continue to climb,” AAA said.


Even most Democrats say they now want to see Hillary Clinton investigated for her role in Russia-gate and the spying on her political opponent in the 2016 election.

The Washington Times reports that, for the first time ever, a majority of Democrats say former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should be investigated by special counsel John Durham over her alleged role in trying to gin up dirt linking former President Donald Trump to Russia.

A poll conducted last month found that 66 percent of Democrats say Hillary should be questioned, according to a survey by New Jersey-based TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics, or TIPP.

That’s up 22 percent from October, when TIPP asked the same question, a sign that Democrats are getting increasingly concerned about Durham’s probe into the early stages of the FBI’s probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election, the Times reports.

The percentage of Republicans who say Hillary should be questioned in Durham’s probe surged to 91 percent, up from 80 percent in October. Among independents, the number jumped to from 65 percent to 74 percent.

The poll was taken before this weekend’s bombshell court filing by Durham.

Durham alleged that the Clinton presidential campaign paid a tech company to “infiltrate” the servers at Trump Towers, the White House and Trump’s Central Park West Apartment to find derogatory information about him.

The goal of mining the services was to establish an “inference” and “a narrative” tying Trump to Russia, according to the Times’ report.

The filing came in the case against Michael Sussmann, a Clinton campaign lawyer who has been charged in the Durham probe with lying to the FBI.

Durham says Sussmann falsely told the FBI he was not representing a client when he told a bureau official about purported secret communications between Trump Tower and a Russian bank.

The allegations were later debunked. Durham said Sussmann was actually representing the Clinton campaign when he contacted the FBI.


The Federalist has a new bombshell story posted about the origins of Covid-19.

Anthony Fauci denies that his U.S. agency’s grant to study bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology could have led to Covid-19, but the grant recipient, EcoHealth Alliance, still has not released records of the viruses it kept at the lab.

The Federalist reports that public records show EcoHealth had plans to experiment on many unknown viruses, with the Chinese managing virus identification and access to the research.

Fauci cannot, as he does, say definitively that his agency’s grant did not lead to SARS-CoV-2 without the full, original laboratory records for the grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The National Institutes of Health is still asking for some lab records from EcoHealth, but EcoHealth has said it does not have access to them, as the records were created by and retained by Wuhan Institute of Virology. China has blocked investigators from inspecting all of the Wuhan lab’s records and databases, including a key database taken offline months before the Covid outbreak, and has acknowledged destroying some lab samples of coronaviruses.

The Federalist concludes that Fauci knew in January 2020, before the lockdowns, that his agency had failed in its oversight of EcoHealth and was lacking an important record: an annual progress report due September 30, 2019. It was eventually submitted, two years late, and some suspect the report was revised from an earlier version.

Head over to to check out the rest of this illuminating expose on Fauci and the U.S. government’s role in creating the virus that killed thousands, destroyed businesses, and turned the lives of everyone else upside down.


Emergency physician Dr. José Luis Gettor is speaking out to warn the world about the damage caused by PCR testing swabs used to test for Covid-19.

Just as other researchers have pointed out that the swabs from this test contain graphene oxide — a nanomaterial that causes magnetism in the area and crosses the blood-encephalic barrier — Dr. Gettor points out that they also contain ethylene oxide.

Ethylene oxide is also toxic and causes the burning felt by those who take this test.


As The Daily Expose highlighted in a recent article, Dr. Gettor is not the first physician to warn about this. Dr Carrie Madej and many others have weighed in on it.

In May 2021 a Slovakian report revealed that “covid tests” are contaminated with nanotech hydrogels and lithium. Lithium is used in the lipid compound coating nanobots which are inserted into the hydrogels for ballistic delivery of biological agents.

Mark Sexton, a retired UK police officer, went public with the Slovakian report knowing full-well that mainstream media would not touch the story. At the time, Sexton also pleaded with the public to take the PCR “test kits” to a local police station and remove the so-called “tests” from circulation at once.

In late April 2021, Natural News published a series of nearly 40 microscope photos showing strange fibers, structures and even “hooks” that are embedded in the fibers of Covid nasal swabs and masks. 

Natural News took a time-lapse photo series and aggregated the photos to reveal strange sparkles coming off the synthetic swab strands when exposed to UV light:


Will Americans listen? Or will they keep getting swabbed?


Last week we reported to you the stories of two healthy teenage boys who suddenly collapsed and died during two separate high school basketball games in two different states.

We have also reported that more than 400 super-fit young athletes have mysteriously died of cardiac arrest over the last year and many more have survived debilitating heart attacks.

We have yet another sad case in this continuing story to report tonight.

A 15-year-old first-year student is still fighting for his life after collapsing during a basketball game last Saturday at Brooks School in North Andover.

According to a Boston report, 15-year-old Preston Settles, who plays hockey, football, soccer, and lacrosse, complained to one of his teammates during a basketball game that his heart feels like it’s spasming.

Settles’ parents were present when the incident happened.

Settle fainted on the gymnasium floor and suffered some sort of seizure.

“It was not in our wildest imagination that something like this would happen,” Darryl Settles told CBS Boston. “There was absolutely no response, and then he just stopped breathing,” he added. According to CBS, the young man had gone into cardiac arrest.

People who witnessed the incident rushed at Settle’s body and performed CPR until the emergency crew arrived. He was rushed to Lawrence General Hospital where he was intubated for an hour and with an automatic CPR machine. At the time, Settle had no heartbeat.

Take a look.


Note that they said he was a very healthy young man until this happened to him.

Why are young, super-fit athletes continuing to die and suffer debilitating heart attacks?

Why, in each new case, does the media treat it like it’s an isolated incident, not mentioning the hundreds of young athletes who have previously suffered similar fates since the vaccines were rolled out one year ago?

History will judge harshly the medical establishment, the media and those charged with regulating our pharmaceutical industry.


Meanwhile, Israel's Education Ministry in January issued regulations establishing a legal obligation to have a first aid kit and install defibrillators in all educational institutions - schools and kindergartens - with over 500 students, according to a Real-Time News exposé highlighted by America’s Frontline Doctors.

The regulations, which were in fact set three years ago and have since accumulated dust, were published simultaneously with the Health Ministry's preparations for vaccinating children, just as the Ministry began vaccinating teenagers aged 16 to 18 in Israel. 

According to the regulations, entitled First aid study regulations and possession of resuscitation devices and first aid kits in schools, 5741-20, every school with over 500 students must have at least one resuscitation device.

The regulations went into effect in April, in preparation for vaccinating children ages 12-15, just weeks before the FDA granted Pfizer an emergency use authorization for this age group.


According to the latest polls, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau only has the support of 16 percent of the Canadian population.

But the RAIR Foundation explains that liberals and leftists outside of Canada who once looked to Trudeau as a heroic figure, are having their eyes opened wide by the way he’s treated the truckers.

As a result, leftists are abandoning the World Economic Forum globalist puppet in droves.

Trudeau lambasted demonstrators in a speech to an emergency session of Parliament a few days after the truckers arrived in Ottawa.

“Blockades” cannot stop a pandemic, Trudeau said, stressing that you have to end it with “science” and public health measures. “Illegal demonstrations are unacceptable and are negatively impacting businesses and manufacturers,” declared Trudeau, who seemed to be indicating that it was okay for his government to lockdown businesses and manufacturers but not the truckers.

In another speech, Trudeau wondered aloud whether society should still “tolerate” anyone who values their freedom enough to stand outside in frigid cold temperatures to protest. These comments caught the attention of liberal comedian Bill Maher.

Here he is lambasting the Canadian leader.


It’s not every day you hear a liberal comedian take after a liberal politician and accuse him of “sounding like Hitler.”


We close out our broadcast tonight with a commentary about government-supported financial terrorism on the left being waged against truth tellers on the right.

TD Bank confirmed Monday that it has frozen two bank accounts that held $1.4 million in deposits to support the trucker-led protests in Canada.

At the same time, Heartland Financial Minnesota Bank & Trust notified MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell that it will shut down his bank accounts, ostensibly because he has taken an active role in trying to get to the bottom of the vote fraud that occurred in November 2020 and led to the installation of an illegitimate president in the White House.

GoFundMe cut off the truckers’ donations because it didn’t like the movement’s stand against vaccine mandates.

PayPal announced recently it would work to ferret out users who raise money on its platform for conservative causes it doesn’t agree with.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

The Banking and financial world are closing in on those of us who hold to a traditional biblical worldview or even just common-sense objective facts, like elections ought to be fair and there are only two genders, male and female.

All of these issues, if you land on the wrong side of them, can get you canceled, to the point where you lose access to your money.

This is the system many globalists have been fighting for, for a long time. It’s part of a social-credit scoring system like they have in China.

Baron de Rothschild once said, I care not who a nation picks to run its government as long as I control its money.

These are serious issues.

If we are going to survive as conservatives it’s time we start to build our own institutions and stop playing by the enemy’s rules and within the enemy’s institutions.

Conservative businessmen and women need to start their own banks in communities across the U.S. We need to build our own media companies, food growing and food processing companies.

Otherwise, we will find ourselves on the outside looking in, relegated to third-class citizens and the back of the bread line, utterly dependent on a tyrannical government that uses food and money as leverage to oppress we the people.

That’s our commentary for tonight, and that wraps up our broadcast. We’ll see you back here tomorrow evening. Good night from everyone at the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.


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