Worldview Report Transcript For December 22, 2021

Are Covid Concentration camps coming to America?

We have already reported previously on Australia's Covid isolation camps and how some people who have spent time in those camps say they are run exactly like a prison system. They testified of how you don't have to be sick to be forcibly removed from your home and sent to one of these camps.

At the very least, tonight, we can report with confidence that certain political leaders in certain American states would like to follow the lead of Australia, Austria and other formerly free nations and go full authoritarian, complete with lock-down Covid camps for the non-compliant.

A disturbing article in the National Pulse, reports that in the next legislative session for the State of New York, beginning January 5th, 2022, the state legislature could vote on a bill that would grant permission to remove and detain contacts, carriers, or anyone suspected of presenting a “significant threat to public health.”

These persons could be removed from public life on an indefinite basis if this bill gets signed into law.

Let's be clear: This is not fear mongering. This is a real bill introduced by real legislators in the New York Senate and the Assembly.

As National Pulse reports: "Bill A416 presents a serious risk to the basic liberties of all Americans in the state of New York, including their right to choose whether or not to receive medical treatment and vaccinations related to thus far undetermined contagious diseases."

The bill gives the Governor of New York, his or her delegates – including but not limited to the commissioner and heads of local health departments – the right to remove and detain any person or groups of people through issuing a single order. The orders only have to include the individual’s name(s) or “reasonably specific descriptions of the individuals or groups.”

Unelected bureaucrats can decide to hold a person or group of people in a facility of their choice.

The language allows for court orders to waive the maximum 60-day detention. After 60 days, the court is allowed an additional 90 days to consider the detention of an individual, a cycle that can last indefinitely per the opinion of the health department.


Next time someone greets you with the phrase "happy holidays," you might wish to ask them to specify which 'holiday' they are referring to.

The New York Post reports that a new holiday art exhibit at the Illinois state Capitol Rotunda will feature a sculpture of a satanic demon god sponsored by the Satanic Temple.

It will stand alongside other religious exhibits at the state Capitol.

This year’s installment, the third for the organization, will feature the satanic deity Baphomet depicted as a swaddling babe to celebrate the holiday Sol Invictus, the State Journal-Register reported.


The display was designed by Albuquerque horror artist Chris P. Andres.

The Satanic Temple admits to be less of a religious group than it is a social activist organization that is an outspoken supporter of abortion, the separation of church and state and several other social justice issues.

According to the organization’s website, Sol Invictus is a “celebration of being unconquered by superstition and consistent in the pursuit of sharing knowledge,” and has its origins in the cult of Sol in pre-Christian, pagan Rome.

The display will be installed at 1 p.m. Monday at the rotunda in Springfield, overseen by members of the congregation.


Major U.S. air carriers warned that plans by wireless carriers to use spectrum for 5G wireless services starting Jan. 5 could disrupt thousands of daily flights and cost air passengers $1.6 billion annually in delays.

According to Reuters, AT&T and Verizon Communications must delay the plans to use C-Band spectrum for 5G wireless services, said United Airlines Chief Executive Scott Kirby following a U.S. Senate Commerce Committee hearing. He said it could delay, divert or cancel about 4 percent of daily flights and impact hundreds of thousands of passengers.

"It would be a catastrophic failure of government," Kirby told reporters.

The aviation industry and the Federal Aviation Administration have raised concerns about potential interference of 5G with sensitive aircraft electronics like radio altimeters.

The FAA has issued new airworthiness directives warning that interference from 5G wireless spectrum could result in flight diversions, but did not quantify the impact.

"Coming Jan. 5 -- unless something changes -- we will not be able to use radio altimeters at 40-something of the largest airports in the country," Kirby said. "It is a certainty. This is not a debate."

Kirby said this means that at major U.S. airports in the event of bad weather, cloud cover or even heavy smog "you could only do visual approaches essentially."


The chief health officer of New South Wales, Australia, has urged citizens to immediately prioritize receiving booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccine by asking them to replace Christmas shopping with booking “a COVID booster online.”

Dr. Kerry Chant advised citizens that “instead of Christmas shopping, everyone shops for a COVID booster online or reaches out for their partner to make them an appointment to go online for a COVID shot.”

According to LifeSite News, after stressing “the urgency” of receiving booster shots, saying the “one single thing we know works [against COVID-19], on the best available evidence at this point in time, is boosters,” Chant added that encouraging family members to get jabbed “is the best, exciting gift that can be given.”

The medic’s comments came as part of wider advice Wednesday to New South Wales (NSW) residents, at which point she recommended the use of face masks in all indoor settings while official mask mandates were being lifted the same day.

Contradicting the government’s decision to remove mask requirements in most settings (except on public transport and in hospitals), Chant insisted that to “preserve Christmas … from a public health position, I am strongly recommending we keep masks and I’m asking the community to do so.”

“It’s a very tiny act and you’re actually protecting yourself but more importantly you’re protecting others,” Chant said.


You know you are making some serious headway in the battle for truth when the pillar of the corporate establishment media, the Associated Press, puts out a hit piece on you.

That’s exactly what they did last week to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

RFK's new book, The Real Anthony Fauci, is outselling every book on Amazon right now and it's a serious takedown of the establishment media's number-one go-to guy for all things Covid – Anthony Fauci.

In a recent column on his Substack page, Dr. Toby Rogers has this to say about the book and the AP's hit piece.

The blue check bourgeoisie is very sad right now. The reasons are numerous. They want to be in control, they want to be looked up to, and they are watching as their entire worldview and standing in society slips from their grasp and goes down the drain. In their shame and humiliation the object of their ire becomes Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

RFK Jr. is everything they are not. He is smarter than they are, more principled, and more successful. COVID-19 information on RFK Jr.’s website (The Defender) is shared more often on social media than whatever noise is coming from CNN, Fox News, NPR, the NY Times, the Washington Post, and the CDC (no surprise there really).

As RFK Jr.’s new book, The Real Anthony Fauci rose to the top of the bestseller list in recent weeks, the blue check bourgeoisie started to panic because his work reveals (amongst other things) that they are charlatans. So the Associated Press assigned six “reporters” to put out a 4,000-word hit piece on RFK Jr. This appears to be part of a wave of paid retribution stemming from RFK Jr.’s extraordinary record of successfully challenging the dishonest Pharma narrative.

The AP hit piece reveals nothing new about RFK Jr. but it tells us heaps about the worldview and mindset of the corrupt white collar class that makes their bread defending the Pharma cartel.

Whether you like him or not, RFK Jr. is a serious scholar. The Real Anthony Fauci is 480 pages and involved a team of over 20 world-class research scholars working for over a year. It is perhaps the most damning indictment of a political figure in American history. It deserves a serious reading.

What’s fascinating about the AP hit piece is that they are terrified to engage with the actual argument itself. Their sole interaction with the book consists of a quick keyword search for the words “ivermectin” and “hydroxychloroquine”.

The AP writes:

“Kennedy uses the book to push unproven COVID-19 treatments such as ivermectin, which is meant to treat parasites…”

Dr. Rogers concludes: "Imagine thinking that this was some sort of gotcha!? We are left with one of two unpleasant possibilities — either the AP writers are just plain dumb or they are lying. I’m not sure which is worse."


Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas revealed Tuesday he is working with the social media giants to combat “misinformation,” which has become a code-word, a euphemism for an opinion or set of facts that strays from the establishment political and media talking points.

Brad Stone, senior executive editor for Bloomberg News, asked Secretary Mayorkas if he considered “misinformation” a “part of your mandate at DHS, and how much resources are you devoting to fighting misinformation such as election falsehoods or Covid disinformation?”

Mayorkas responded that if your views don't align with the government's narrative on Covid, on the integrity of elections and other issues, you are a "threat" that needs to be dealt with. Take a look.

WATCH VIDEO [clip from 15:42 mark through 17:45]

Notice the fact that the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of expression and free speech, even speech considered unpopular or fringe in nature, never came up in this conversation between a high government official and a mainstream journalist.

Our top government officials, and the media who cover them, clearly have no respect for that anymore and have moved on from even pretending that they do. They have found a way to circumvent the First Amendment and no longer give it lip service.

The idea that a news reporter would ask a government official "personally, does it upset you" that people still have the freedom to express their opinions publicly and that such a reporter is not laughed out of the field of journalism speaks volumes as to where we are in this country.

With the shredding of the First Amendment now completed, can the Second be far behind?


In our next story, we learn just how terrified the government bureaucrats are of doctors who hold fast to the Hippocratic Oath, the pledge to "do no harm," and who independently seek solutions that will heal their patients' illnesses.

Newly revealed emails reported on by the RAIR Foundation, show that outgoing director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins, lamented that the Great Barrington Declaration was getting “a lot of attention."

The Great Barrington Declaration, as you'll recall, was signed by thousands of doctors who sought to end coronavirus lockdowns, mask wearing and a one-size-fits all, vaccine-based template for Covid.

Collins, in an email from October 2020, told colleagues Lawrence TabakCliff Lane and Anthony Fauci that, “There needs to be a quick and devastating takedown of its premises. I don't see anything like that on line yet. Is it underway?"

Within 10 minutes, Fauci responded with an article from Wired Magazine that he said debunked the Great Barrington Declaration.


Collins did not care about the merit of these doctors' treatment regimen. He dismissed it out of hand. His only concern was that their dissenting voices be crushed. As senior writer at Real Clear Investigations Mark Hemingway observed in light of the email leak:

"They were more worried about stopping different opinions than the virus."


Moving on, we all know that families and businesses worldwide are living through a time of hyper inflationary prices, especially for food.


Now Zero Hedge is asking the question: Are households able to afford traditional food, or will they have to resort to substitutes to save money?  

Curt Covington, senior director of institutional credit at AgAmerica Lending, which lends money to farmers, told Bloomberg:

"You might be able to trade down on some things; instead of the high-priced turkeys or steaks, you might consider something less expensive on that side of the dinner table."

But there's no escaping it: Everything on the holiday table "is just going to be more expensive," Covington said. 

Given the dark forecast of prices continuing to rise through the holidays and into next year, there's a chance that some might resort to eating bugs and worms, Zero Hedge reports.

European member states recently certified house crickets, yellow mealworms, and grasshoppers as food fit to be sold at supermarkets. 

The bugs will be sold in frozen, dried, and powdered forms and will be packed with nutrients and low-cost, according to Bloomberg. Earlier this month, the World Economic Forum published two articles explaining how people must get used to eating insects. And Bill Gates is investing in lab-grown meat that industry leaders say should be ready to hit the market in 2022.

I don't know about you but if I'm forced to choose between meat grown in a lab or meat made with bugs, becoming a vegetarian could be looking better and better.


Well over half of U.S. voters are concerned that COVID-19 injections could have harmful side effects, and don’t think the federal government should have the power to make them mandatory.

According to a new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports, 54 percent of likely U.S. voters are concerned about the potential of harmful side effects of the COVID-19 shots, including 27 percent who are Very Concerned.

44 percent aren’t concerned about vaccine side effects, including 19 percent who said they are Not At All Concerned.


We leave you with a good news story tonight of a harrowing escape of a group of 12 Christian missionaries from the clutches of a Haitian gang.

Members of The Christian Aid Ministries were kidnapped while traveling to a Hatian orphanage. The 12 hostages included 11 Americans and one Canadian, and included among them were five children. The Mowazo 400 gang had originally threatened to kill the hostages, then in November they released several hostages. The remaining 12 waited for an opportunity to escape. That opportunity arrived on the night of Dec. 15.

As CBN News reports, the Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries is now revealing the stunning details of how their missionaries finally escaped, and it sounds like something straight out of a movie.

The remaining group of 12 missionaries made a daring overnight escape last week, eluding their kidnappers and walking for miles over difficult, moonlit terrain with an infant and four other children in tow.

The group used the stars as their guide to reach freedom after a two-month kidnapping ordeal. Let's roll some of the footage from the missionary agency's press conference Monday in Ohio.

WATCH VIDEO [clip from 42:02 to as far as you need to play]

This will no doubt be a special Christmas for those families, and one they will never forget.

Merry Christmas to all these brave missionaries, and to our audience. Good night from all of us here at Worldview Report with Brannon Howse.


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