Will the Real Sodomy Party Please Stand Up?

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Will the Real Sodomy Party Please Stand Up?
By David A. Noebel
          One has to shake the head violently to see if the neurons are still connected to believe that all of a sudden the Republican Party is the party of <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Sodom and Gomorrah.  Can the pro-homosexual mass media make this stick?  We'll see in a few weeks!
            Everyone with an ounce of grey matter knows that the Democratic Party is the Sodomy Party in America.  There hasn't been a homosexual issue that the Democrats haven't either backed or initiated since the ACLU determined that homosexuality would make a great stick to poke in the eyes of conservatives, traditionalists, and all natural law advocates.  There hasn't been a gay pride parade which hasn't been led by a Democratic politician!  There hasn't been a gay pride book for first graders not endorsed by Democrats. 
Why not openly admit that only the morally-challenged can seriously come to the conclusion that homosexual practices (sodomy, et. al.) are normal, healthy and moral!  And while we are at it why not also openly admit that homosexual practices also strike at the heart of God's creative order of male and female.  Using the male arse as female practice is a direct insult to the Creator!
              The Democrats gave away their innocence on this matter when their Massachusetts congressman (Gerry Studds) was found with child (a 16 year old Congressional page) and censored by the House for his pedophilia acts.  However, once he was re-elected by the morally-challenged of Massachusetts the Democrats looked upon this as the up and coming issue to win elections.  And so for at least 25 years the Democratic Party has paved the way for the homosexual agenda-an agenda to place homosexuality on a par with heterosexuality and hence gay marriage, gay adoption, gay rights, gay everything!  As Don Feder says, "Gay rights has become as much a part of Democratic orthodoxy as abortion-on-demand."  Both are part and parcel of the culture of death.  Gay marriage, even on Kant's categorical imperative standard of ethical behavior, is a dead end.
            Wasn't it just yesterday when the Boy Scouts of America were made to appear like the Hitler Youth Organization by the pedophiles and their Democratic friends for censoring all gay scout masters from having access to the boys themselves.  I may be wrong but I can't remember one member of the Republican Party that publicly advocated gay scout masters for the boys!  But it was, according to Ann Coulter, the New York Times' "ethicist" who advised a reader that pulling her son out of the Cub Scouts because they exclude gay scoutmasters was "the ethical thing to do."  The ethicist said, "Just as one is honor bound to quit an organization that excludes African-Americans, so you should withdraw from scouting as long as it rejects homosexuals."
            The truth is that homosexuals crawl about, around and in the Democratic Party like ants crawl around one's food in the kitchen cupboard.   But that doesn't mean that the homosexuals are resting on their laurels.  They want to crawl amongst, around and in the Republican Party too, and with their Log Cabin crowd are making quite a show of it.  The truth is that every Log Cabin member knew of Republican Foley's homosexuality, and I would be surprised if the Log Cabin didn't know of his hitting on the pages for years.  Homosexuals keep close tabs on these things and are really good at defining exactly who is and who is not "hitting on the boys."
            As the Foley episode was unfolding I remember back a good while when one of our Summit students (God rest his soul!) found himself a target of man/boy "love."  This teenager told me how he was seduced in a Methodist church in Tulsa, Oklahoma by the pastor and that he wasn't the only one involved.  The church, being "courageous" and not wanting to cause a public scandal, removed the pastor from the pulpit and kicked him upstairs by making him a Methodist bishop.  He was removed to Houston where he openly attended gay events, gay bars, etc.  To make a long and disgusting story short both our Summit graduate and this Methodist Bishop died of AIDS! This Methodist Bishop also made the pages of The Weekly Standard and The Texas Monthly (See article by Emily Yoffe at texasmonthly.com, October 1987) which determined, by secular standards, that he wasn't fit to be a Christian Bishop!  I happen to second that conclusion! 
            Through this experience and a number of others also involving Tulsa, Oklahoma I have come to the personal conclusion that pedophilia and gayness go together like Mary and Mary's little lamb.  I may be wrong, but every "chicken hawk" that I have known has been on the hunt for "chickens."  Congress and church are just the playgrounds where the hunt occurs.
            I find it interesting that God tells Israel He did not want to see any "unclean thing amongst them" including no daughter of Israel was to be a harlot or prostitute and no son of Israel was to be a sodomite! (Deuteronomy 23: 14-17)
            Of course, since we have relegated God to the woodshed, it is not politically correct to mention God in the public square, but with the Foley scandal growing perhaps we should take a peak at what God says about the practice of homosexuality being unnatural (Romans 1) and an abomination (Leviticus 18).  Just a suggestion for the morally-challenged who maintain they "love" children and don't want to see any of them left behind!
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