Will Massive Inflation and Food Riots Come to America?: Worldview Report Transcript For April 6, 2022

Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m your host, Brannon Howse.

Starting off tonight:

One of America’s Frontline Doctors is warning pregnant women that the rollout of the COVID gene-therapy injections has coincided with a nearly 2,000 percent increase in fetal deaths, as compared to the rate of previous vaccines.

In a “Frontline Flash” segment entitled Huge Preborn Death Spike released on Monday, Dr. Peterson Pierre presented statistics showing that the rate of fetal death per vaccine administered in the U.S. has increased dramatically since the COVID injections were made available and the CDC started encouraging pregnant women to get them.

According to LifeSite News, Dr. Pierre noted that according to the CDC, since the rollout there have been 550,000,000 shots administered, and 3,725 fetal deaths. So for every 147,651 shots, there has been one fetal death.

By contrast, if you look at the period between 2006 and 2019, there were “4 billion shots administered,” and “1,369 fetal deaths, which equals to” one fetal death for about every 3 million shots.

Dr. Pierre challenges his colleagues in the medical establishment to “do the math.”

Because if you do the math, he says you can’t help but come to an unavoidable conclusion: That since the COVID shots have been available, there’s been a 1,925 percent increase in fetal deaths.

Pierre urged expecting mothers to take heed of these numbers, for the sake of their children, adding:

“Now, expecting moms, it doesn’t matter what the FDA or the CDC says. It doesn’t even matter what your doctor says, because in spite of this data, the recommendation to get [COVID] shots has not changed. You need to look out for your own kids. You are their protector. You have a lot to think about. That decision rests with you, not with anyone else.”


As if U.S. Border Patrol agents don’t have enough to contend with, facing a rush on the border from 150 countries, and now the rescinding of Title 42, meaning that will increase exponentially, now they have a new order from the Biden administration.

They’ve been ordered to make sure to use proper pronouns for LGBTQI+ migrants crossing over the border illegally.

Yes, you heard that right.

The new requirement was included Thursday at the bottom of a much larger announcement by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security regarding changes instituted on International Trans Day of Visibility, reports Just the News.

DHS stated in its announcement:

“Facilitating effective communication at U.S. ports of entry and beyond: CBP has provided a job aid and memorandum to all staff that will serve as a guide for facilitating effective communication with the diverse public CBP serves, including LGBTQI+ individuals.”

The agency added:

“The guidance includes using gender-neutral language and an individual’s self-identified pronouns and name.”

 Customs and Border Patrol’s new requirements came as the Biden Administration announced sweeping actions across multiple federal agencies to create, out of thin air, new accommodations for mentally confused “transgendered” people.

 The State Department on Thursday announced U.S. citizens will be able to choose "X" as their gender rather than "Male" or "Female" on their passports.

At the same time, the Transportation Security Administration announced new standards for screening transgender, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming airline passengers at airport checkpoints.

The agency said the changes are to "improve the screening experience for all passengers". 

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services last week flew the transgender flag outside its headquarters in Washington, D.C., marking the first time the banner has flown in front of a federal building.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra made the announcement in a Thursday morning tweet, noting that the flag was flown in honor of “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

As you can see from this tweet from pro-family scholar Matt Walsh, everyone was not thrilled with this war on traditional values.



Walsh called it the most disgraceful and deranged presidential administration in American history.


Mike Adams, author of the popular “health ranger” blog, is preparing for food riots and famine, and he’s urging others to do the same.

“The thing to really watch for is the food inflation,” Adams told Allan Stein of The Epoch Times.

“My position is we’re going to see food riots in America before the end of this year. We’re going to see flash mobs in grocery stores—especially for meat products.

“Grocery stores are going to respond with increased security and checkpoints. At some point, we’re probably going to see an attempt at price controls and rationing. 

“And not on everything—certain types of things. It’s almost certain that the rationing they will attempt to enforce with a vaccine passport app that becomes a food rationing app,” Adams told The Epoch Times.

With a veritable perfect storm hitting the food production industry, from Covid-related supply chain disruptions, to soaring inflation caused by a runaway public debt, skyrocketing fuel costs and fertilizer shortages, there is not much that could turn this situation around.

Everything at this point is already “built-in” to the system, and the symptoms of a crashing food system are only beginning to show up at the supermarkets.

Adams points out that in North America two years ago, it cost around $200 an acre to fertilize a 1,000-acre commercial farm. Right now, with spring planting, farmers can expect to pay $1,200 to $2,000 an acre.

Those costs will have to be passed on to the consumers, and when the full brunt of those price increases hit, we should expect civil unrest. 

According to Adams:

“Many farmers are deciding not to plant. In addition, the diesel fuel prices and diesel fuel scarcity is going into their equation whether they should plant.”

Bottom line: When fewer farmers are planting, less food is harvested.

For this reason, along with the fact that Russia and Ukraine are considered Europe’s breadbasket, producing 30 percent of the world’s wheat and 20 percent of its corn, Adams expects the ““most extreme food shortages we’ve seen in our lifetime.”


Michael Fuchs, deputy chief of staff for Kamala Harris, is the latest in a long list of staffers to tell the vice president, “I quit.”

Reuters, citing a leaked internal staff memo, reports:

“Fuchs, who served as a foreign policy advisor to former President Bill Clinton and worked in senior roles at the U.S. State Department under former President Barack Obama's administration, advised Harris on domestic and international issues, helped manage staff and often accompanied her on foreign trips.”

Apparently, even with all that experience, Mr. Fuchs could not help Harris put her best foot forward, especially on foreign trips, where she has repeatedly embarrassed her country with untimely outbursts of laughter and rambling, nonsensical statements that sound like gibberish.

Fuchs will remain in the position for about a month to "ensure a smooth transition," according to the memo.

Word of Fuchs' departure follows a March 21 announcement that Harris's National Security Adviser was stepping down, while her communications team - which had several high-profile screwups in their first year - has also been riddled with resignations.


In other news, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also decided to bail on the administration, announcing over the weekend that she'll be leaving her position as press secretary. 

Also, Biden’s COVID-19 response coordinator Jeff Zients will be leaving after 14 months on the job, while National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horne left on March 25.

"This period before the midterms is a common time for officials to depart," said one anonymous White House official.

But, as Zero Hedge noted, “it’s also common when approval ratings are in the toilet.”


Mayor Eric Adams of New York City is launching a recruiting campaign in Florida.

Mayor Adams is launching this new billboard campaign in the state of Florida to get people to move to NYC. Not everyone, mind you, just those who are gay or transgendered and especially those gays and transgenders who like talking about their “identity” with young schoolchildren in kindergarten through third grade.

This is Adams’ demented way of pushing back against Florida’s new anti-grooming law, which forbids public-school teachers from talking about their sexual identities in classrooms for kindergarteners through third graders.



Some have said the Florida bill doesn’t go far enough. Why, for instance, is it OK for a teacher to share about his or her personal sexual preferences with a class full of fourth graders but not third graders? Of course, it’s not.

But even this extremely mild bill, which by the way polls show is supported by a majority of Republicans and Democrats, is under attack from leftists across the nation while Rino Republicans like Governor Larry Hogan in Maryland are distancing themselves from it.

As if these childish billboards aren’t enough of an embarrassment for a once-great city, Adams even held a special press conference announcing his recruitment campaign in Florida.

“We want you here,” Adams told the sexual deviants, perverts and pedophiles. I kid you not. Take a look at the mayor’s press conference on Monday.



And here’s how the pathetic RINO Governor Hogan of Maryland responded when asked about Florida’s anti-grooming law.




If that story about politicians pandering to perverts didn’t make you sick to your stomach, this next one might.

Hunter Biden is renting a home in Malibu, California, for $20,000 per month — and now Breitbart is reporting that the Secret Service is paying $30,000 per month to rent an adjacent home to provide him with 24/7 protection.

According to a report Monday by ABC News, the president’s son is living in the exclusive location and pursuing his art career, even as critics call for a special counsel to take over the investigation into his alleged influence-peddling, which is documented on his infamous laptop, now verified, according to Breitbart.

ABC News reports:

“Hunter Biden is apparently spending his father’s presidency living in luxury in Malibu — and so is his taxpayer-funded security detail.

“The Secret Service detail protecting the president’s controversial son has been paying more than $30,000 a month to rent out a swanky Malibu, California, mansion for nearly a year, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.

“In Malibu, Hunter Biden’s digs include a four-bedroom, three-bathroom resort-style’ home with an open floor plan, vaulted high ceilings, chef’s kitchen and French doors, according to a description on its property listing. The mansion also features a ‘spacious park-like yard’ with a pool, a spa, a built-in barbecue bar, and alfresco dining,” according to the listing.


U.S. District Court Judge Matthew McFarland in Cincinnati granted a preliminary injunction that protects 18 Air Force officers, airmen and reservists from the COVID shot mandate until their lawsuit is resolved.

Liberty Counsel, which is representing the men and women in uniform, issued a press release stating that these active-duty and active reservist Airmen, stationed across the United States, sought injunctive relief from being required by the Air Force to receive the COVID-19 injections in violation of their sincerely held religious beliefs and despite having applied for religious exemptions. The plaintiffs sued Air Force officials, including the Secretary and Surgeon General of the Air Force, claiming statutory and constitutional violations of their rights to free exercise of religion.

Judge McFarland wrote:

“From the time our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and, later, the United States Constitution, United States citizens have been provided with the freedom to practice their religious beliefs as they deem fit. Religious liberty was just as important to those who founded this nation as it is today. As John Adams said, ‘nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion.’”

The judge further explained in his ruling:

“Because the Air Force has willingly and freely granted administrative and medical exemptions but refuses to grant virtually all religious exemptions, this Court finds that the Air Force has not satisfied the least-restrictive-means standard. Accordingly, Plaintiffs established that the Air Force's COVID-19 vaccination mandate is a substantial burden on Plaintiffs' sincerely held religious beliefs. Defendants failed to establish a compelling interest as to the specific Plaintiffs before the Court to justify the mandate, and, even if they did, Defendants failed to establish that the mandate satisfied the least-restrictive-means standard.”

The Court concluded, “And with a respectful nod of gratitude to the Father of our great country, this Court, as a sworn guardian of the Constitution, will not order the Air Force personnel at this stage to forfeit the protections of our laws and of the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.”



There’s been a lot of reporting about the “crippling” economic sanctions placed on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

But are these sanctions hurting Russia?

The evidence shows that the sanctions may be hurting Western Europeans more than Russians.

According to a report by Information Liberation, Europe is being devastated by Western sanctions targeting Russia, while Russia is expected to see record oil and gas earnings in 2022, along with a budget surplus.

This comes as a result of surging oil and gas prices, which is Russia’s main export. So even if it sells less oil, the amount still being sold is at one-third higher prices.

Janis Kluge, a researcher at the German Science and Politics Foundation explained how the sanctions were backfiring in an interview last week with NTV.de.

Kluge stated:

“Almost half of the Russian budget is based on transactions with oil and gas. The state earns enormously from production taxes and export duties. It receives the income in rubles, and the amount is determined by two factors: firstly, by energy prices on the world market and, secondly, by the exchange rate of the ruble.

"The gas price on the spot markets has quintupled within the past year. That means Gazprom will have record revenues.”

Kluge continued:

"Russia planned the national budget with a dollar-ruble exchange rate of 72, but now the ruble is around 85, much weaker, but with a view to energy exports this is an advantage. If we multiply the oil price by the ruble exchange rate, it shows that Moscow expected revenues of around 4,500 rubles per barrel of oil, but is getting much more, around 7,000 rubles.”


The globalists love to hate Viktor Orban, prime minister of Hungary and they’ve gone after him with the same vengeance they went after Donald Trump here in the U.S.

But despite vicious smear attacks from anti-Christian globalists and their mainstream media lackeys, Orban has won his fourth term in a landslide election.

As Robert Spencer reports at Jihad Watch, Viktor Orban has been most often criticized for adherence to Christian values, as reflected in his immigration policy in bold efforts to protect his country’s Christian heritage, and his resistance to allowing LGBTQ propaganda to be included in school curricula. According to a Reuters report from last July:

“Hungary’s nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban…has introduced social policies that he says aim to safeguard traditional Christian values from Western liberalism, stoking tensions with the European Union.”

Like Trump, Orban has been vilified by fellow EU leaders and the media for trying to rein in mass Muslim migration.

Spencer writes:

“Even though open-door immigration policies have had catastrophic consequences, from rising crime and violent anti-Semitism to no-go zones and the proliferation of jihad ideology and attacks, the EU’s pressure on Hungary has been relentless. Hungary has a Christian constitution, and Orban has articulated on many occasions that he intends to protect his country from the hijrah. For this, Orban is often dubbed ‘racist.’ Yet even the Dalai Lama warned about the Islamic incursion into Europe; he argued that European countries were “morally responsible” for assisting “a refugee really facing danger against their life,” but that refugees should ultimately go back and rebuild their home countries.”

Like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Orban has also been blasted in the media for approving laws that keep LGBTQ indoctrination out of children’s classrooms. 

Spencer writes:

“Those who want to see LGBTQ issues (including rights for gender reassignment surgery for children) as part of the school curriculum are slamming Orban as ‘discriminatory.’ Legal action was launched against him last summer.”

Orban may be the only Western president or prime minister right now who is not a puppet of the World Economic Forum and its anti-nation state, anti-freedom agenda. Let’s hope his victory is a foreshadowing of things to come in the November elections here in America.


In our commentary tonight, we offer you some hope that the entire American culture is not going woke. Not all churches, not all preachers, are buying into the idea that we cannot assume someone is male or female based on their biological sex assigned to them at birth by the Creator God of the universe.

North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is one such man.

He is big and he is bold.

He does not care what Disney or his own state’s Democrat governor thinks of him.

That is the way it should be. As Christians, why are so many hiding the light of truth that God has given them?

Take a look at what Robinson has to say about the gender madness sweeping the country, and not only America but the entire Western world.



So don’t think you are alone. Don’t think you have to fight this battle by yourself. You have millions of fellow Americans who think like you do, who still are biblically of a sound mind. And who care about their country and the next generation of Americans.

That’s part of the Cultural Marxist plan, to make us think we are part of a tiny minority who cannot make a difference. When you feel that way, you hide your lamp of truth. You are afraid to shout from the housetops that which you know is right and good.

Let’s not fall into that satanic trap.

Thanks for tuning in tonight everyone. We appreciate you and hope you will share your awareness of this nightly newscast with your friends and family who are tired of all the lies and all the spin coming from the mainstream media.

From everyone at the Worldview Report team, we wish you a good night. God bless, and take care.


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